What is Chakra Cleansing?

Mandi Rogier

Chakra cleansing is the process of realigning the energy forces within one’s body for a clearer aura and increased energy and self awareness. The body has seven distinct chakras, each with its own purpose, meaning, and color. Chakras are believed to be a source of power within the body. These energy sources can create illness and unhappiness when they become muddied or unbalanced.


These seven chakras must be cleansed one by one, beginning with the root chakra and working up to the crown chakra. Chakra cleansing can be done through meditation in which one visualizes each chakra, then pictures it glowing brighter and brighter from an internal light, which cleanses it of dark spots or impurities. This cleansing light should be pictured coming through the top of one’s head and working its way down to each chakra.

Each chakra is viewed as a glowing globe of energy. Well-maintained chakras are believed to impart a powerful sense of well being. The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, and is known as the root chakra. It is visualized as a red sphere. This chakra is associated with vitality, love, a connection to the earth, and one’s most basic needs such as food and shelter.

The second chakra, known as the sacral plexus, is orange. It is located in the lower abdomen, below the belly button. This chakra influences sexuality and fertility.

Below the rib cage you will find the third chakra, known as the solar plexus. It is yellow in color and governs emotional issues such as personal power, self-control, and spirituality. This chakra also governs fear and anxiety and can cause problems in these areas when it is not cleansed.

The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest. This chakra is green and controls complex emotions such as empathy, compassion, and trust. Proper cleansing and balance of this chakra will increase one’s ability to help others and experience unconditional love.

The throat chakra is blue. Located, appropriately, in the throat, this chakra governs communication. Cleansing this chakra will help one to connect with others.

Sixth is the third eye chakra. This is the only chakra that does not appear as a perfect sphere. It is located between the eyes, in the center of the forehead and is shaped like an eye itself, and is indigo in color. This chakra is associated with spiritual endeavors and the higher self.

Lastly is the crown chakra. This point is purple and located at the top of the head. As the highest chakra, the crown chakra connects one with a higher power and the universe as a whole.

Each chakra is also believed to have a specific tone associated with it. These tones can be used to cleanse the chakras simply by listening to the appropriate sounds. Practitioners of various alternative medicines may be able to provide chakra cleansing through careful hypnosis meditation. Chakras can be kept in balance and free from impurities with any type of regular chakra cleansing.

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