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What Is Carrot Poriyal?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

Carrot poriyal is a classic Indian recipe that includes mixing carrots with other vegetables and a few other ingredients to make a sort of stir-fry. This dish is especially popular in regions of the Asian continent, but it has become well known in various other parts of the world. Carrot poriyal showcases some of the most common spices and ingredients used in India and surrounding regions, and also represents the use of the carrot as a versatile food that local communities use as an element of curries, dessert dishes, and many other diverse food items.

The main ingredient of this dish is cooked carrots. While the exact amount of cooking may vary, carrots are generally cooked until they are soft or tender. The presentation for this dish also varies; while many cooks like to grate carrots or mince them up into smaller pieces, some preparations of this dish include cutting large, square chunks.

Cooks involved in making authentic recipes for this dish often add other vegetables to cook with the carrots. These include onions and hot peppers. They are generally cooked in oil, with various spices added.

One of the main spices for this dish is mustard. Many cooks use whole mustard seeds. In this kind of cooking, the seeds are added to the oil, and cooked until they brown or begin to pop. Other common spices include curry leaves.

Cooks making this dish will generally add a form of dhal. Dhal or dal is a set of dried lentils or beans. These add to the texture and flavor of the dish. In some local recipes for this dish, grated coconut is also added.


Part of the challenge of this dish is cooking the included vegetables to the right extent. Along with making the carrots soft, many cooks want the onions in carrot poriyal to be translucent, but not overcooked. Generally, when the dish is sufficiently cooked, it will attain a kind of coherent texture that adds to its culinary appeal.

Carrot poriyal is generally served in bowls, but might also be added to a flat plate presentation as a component of a more complex meal. Although the dish is popular on its own, it may be served with a variety of garnishes. It’s also extremely common to serve carrot poriyal along with rice.

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    • Carrots.
    • Carrot poriyal includes several spices, such as curry leaves.
      By: SNEHIT
      Carrot poriyal includes several spices, such as curry leaves.