What Is Campanula Punctata?

B. Turner
B. Turner
Campanula punctata will grow in clay soil.
Campanula punctata will grow in clay soil.

Campanula punctata is a perennial plant that belongs to the bellflower family. Though it is native to Asia, this species can be found throughout many parts of the world, including Europe and the Americas. Campanula punctata is widely celebrated for its glorious red blooms, and prized by gardeners for its hardy, easy-to-grow nature. This species may also be known as cherry bells or spotted bellflower due to its distinctive blooms.

The campanula punctata features very large flowers that bloom for an extended period throughout the warmest months of the year. These flowers tend to droop or sag by nature, giving them a very unique appearance. Most are a deep cherry red color, though certain varieties of this plant can also produce blooms in dark or dusty shades of pink, white, or even deep purple. Some hybrid species of the campanula punctata even feature a pink hue with red spots or dots spread across the surface.

Compared to other campanula plants, which tend to remain relatively low to the ground, this species is known for its tall, strong stems. The plant can grow to a height range of 18 to 23 inches (45 to 60 cm), and spreads to a width of 23 to 29 inches (60 to 75 cm). Its leaves are light green in color, but feature the heart-shaped profile that is characteristic of the campanula family. The leaves are considered a famine food, and may be cooked in oil and salt and consumed in areas where few other food supplies are available.

Many gardeners find the campanula punctata quite easy to grow, and some may lament its rapid growth. It thrives in average moisture levels, though soil should be drained well. This plant can be grown in both sandy or clay soils, and is able to tolerate both full sun and frequent shade. To keep the stem from drooping due to the height of the plant, gardeners may wish to use stakes to support the weight of the stem and help it remain erect.

Due to its richly colored flowers, the campanula punctata is often used as a border plant around flower beds. It may also be blended with basic flowers in contrasting shades, where it serves as a vivid accent color. When left untended, this plant can spread quickly out and cover the ground, and often does so out in its native environment. This species grows well in forests and woodlands, but can also thrive in gardens or even flower pots and other types of containers.

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    • Campanula punctata will grow in clay soil.
      By: Photocreo Bednarek
      Campanula punctata will grow in clay soil.