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What is Business Process Monitoring?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

During the last decade, many companies have automated their business processes with special computer processes. This modernization effort has created a need to monitor the value and responsiveness of these newly developed applications. Business process monitoring is the real-time auditing of a company's business processes. This monitoring provides companies with critical data about the processes used within their organization.

If a company strives to continually improve productivity, it must implement business process monitoring. This monitoring can be manual if necessary. An example of a monitoring service might be an assembly line review. By monitoring each phase of the assembly line process, management can better determine how to improve productivity. When a bottleneck is defined, it can be redesigned to improve the overall performance.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

Many organizations have implemented business process re-engineering in an effort to improve the productivity and profits of the company. This is typically the first step to automating a company's manual processes. It is important to include a monitoring process within this re-engineering effort. This monitoring will provide validation statics on the new automated solution. This is typically available in real time, which makes it easier to determine deficiencies within the new business process.

Business process monitoring is essential for evaluating the usefulness of business processes. This monitoring typically includes the capturing of usage volume, user access logs, execution times, and error reporting. Monitoring software presents information in a dashboard format. This provides relevant information in an intuitive format to the company executives.

Most businesses today have found that business process monitoring is an important tool. This provides a granular view of the overall productivity of each business unit of a company. By reporting on defined processes, companies can better determine the deficiencies and values of specific tasks undertaken by employees.

There are multiple types of process monitoring software available today. These software packages run on a vast array of computer hardware platforms. When purchasing a monitoring software package, it is important to ensure it is compatible with the existing software of the organization. The business process monitoring software should be work with the existing automated services.

Automated processes usually run on a special business process server. This server is designed to manage the coordination of multiple business processes. Business process monitoring software is a module that is added to a business process server. This module collects data on the usage patterns of business processes.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase