What is Business Blogging?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye
Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Blogs have become an Internet phenomenon. A blog allows people to communicate over the Internet in a quicker and more liberal way than many other forms of writing. Business blogging refers to the growing tendency for companies, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to exploit this communication tool with the intention of serving existing clients and attracting new ones.

One major difference between blogs and other types of writing is the lack of formality. Many publications, both print and online, have structured articles. They must be written to certain specifications that dictate factors such as length, language, and format. Blogs tend to capitalize on people’s desire to receive information faster and in a more interesting way.

Business blogging serves many purposes. Many professionals, for example, deal in specialized areas that can be very technical. Historically, this has played a role in creating a communication barrier between those individuals and lay persons. A business blog can provide such professionals the space and liberty to engage with the public in a way that can add personality to their businesses.

The legal profession is an example of where this can be seen. Many legal professionals have established blogs where legal topics, legislation, and services are discussed in an informal way. Prior to the popularity of business blogging, much of the information that is now easily accessible, such as definitions and explanations of crimes, was not widely available to the average individual.

The same is true of many other types of businesses that once lacked a significant presence among the general public. This includes businesses in a wide range of areas, including the manufacturing sector and the public service sector. Another benefit of business blogging is it allows companies to quickly and easily share information.

A blog, when properly maintained, should be updated regularly. If a particular fire department puts out a major blaze, it is likely that information will appear on the department's blog shortly thereafter. In the past, however, it is likely that such information would have been limited to certain venues, such as newspapers and professionals journals, which affect the audience likely to receive it. This form of communication also allows for the dissemination of information that is not as readily accepted in other published forms.

Business blogging has allowed many individual professionals to advance their careers. Many people are attracted or informed by those who have an online presence. There are large numbers of people for whom the Internet is a primary resource. Business blogging allows professionals to gain the confidence of clients by providing them with recent, competent, and relevant information about their trades and activities.

Yellow pages, for example, are not nearly as effective in helping someone make a choice between businesses as a blog. A business blog allows a professional to display what she knows and to share advice. Overall, business blogging greatly improves the lines of communication that companies and professionals have with the public. This often results in an increased degree of success for the businesses the blogs represent.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up