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What is Bodypump™?

L. Roux
L. Roux

Bodypump™ is a barbell class that offers a total body workout focusing on muscle strength and endurance. The workout targets major muscle groups and uses a combination of exercises such as squats, curls and presses. Classes are set to music that varies in speed to coincide with the workout—faster music for cardiovascular sections and slower beats for weight-lifting sections, for example. Bodypump™ classes were developed by Les Mills International and form part of the Les Mills Group Fitness programs offered worldwide.

A typical class lasts 60 minutes and you can burn up to 600 calories per workout. It combines energetic music with choreography and can help people of all ages improve their fitness levels. Workouts allow for a choice in weights to help accommodate a variety of fitness goals, and classes are typically presented by qualified instructors to ensure the exercises are performed safely. Bodypump™ classes normally consist of 10 music tracks, each with a specific exercise focus point. Classes generally start with a warm up session or track, followed by eight different exercises and ending with a cool down. The eight exercise tracks usually include legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders and abdominals.

Man lifting weights
Man lifting weights

Classes typically are performed to music using free weights, an aerobic step and barbells. The music tracks are usually remixed versions of popular chart hits, each lasting four to six minutes. The tracks vary in speed depending on the exercise performed, slower music for strength training and more upbeat music for cardiovascular segments, for example. New participants may choose to start out with a lighter weight and gradually increase as fitness and strength levels improve. Although classes can be attended as needed, it is generally recommended to do two to three classes per week for optimal results. The workouts can help increase bone density, burn fat and improve muscle tone.

Bodypump™ classes started in New Zealand in 1991 and have spread worldwide to more than 70 countries. 45 minute and a 30 minute classes have been introduced for participants who don't have the time available to complete a full-length class. A new release of Bodypump™ is usually sent to health clubs every three months, containing new music and choreography; however, the order of exercises performed generally stays the same throughout all the releases.

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    • Man lifting weights
      Man lifting weights