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What Is Bimatoprost?

Allison Boelcke
Allison Boelcke

Bimatoprost is an eye medication that may be used in the treatment of excessive pressure of the eyes from higher than normal amounts of fluid in the eyesThe pressure and abnormally high amounts of this fluid, called aqueous humor, can be the result of conditions such as glaucoma or ocular hypertension. In addition to being prescribed to help treat the symptoms of certain eye conditions, the medication has also been found to increase eyelash growth in some people and may be recommended as a cosmetic treatment option for individuals with sparse eyelashes.

A prostaglandin is any type of synthetic drug which performs the same functions as the body’s prostaglandin chemicals. These chemicals are responsible for a variety of functions in the body, such as controlling inflammation and contracting blood vessels and muscles. Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin medication that is thought to work at reducing eye pressure by relaxing the muscles behind the eye in order to allow aqueous humor to flow better and not become backed up. The drug is thought to be effective at increasing the growth of eyelashes by extending the length of time of the growing cycle for eyelashes, giving the eyelashes more opportunity to grow longer.

The aqueous humor nourishes the eye and maintains its proper pressure.
The aqueous humor nourishes the eye and maintains its proper pressure.

The application methods for bimatoprost usually depend on the specific condition for which the medication was prescribed. If the medication is treating eye conditions, it is typically available as a liquid solution and applied using an eyedropper. Doctors will generally advise the eyedrops to be used once per day. For patients who are prescribed the medication for increasing eyelash growth, it tends to be available as a liquid solution that is applied to the skin at the upper eyelash line with the use of a specialized brush once per day. It is not recommended for applying to the lower eyelash because the medication may cause eyelashes to grow in unwanted areas in or around the eye.

Bimatoprost may cause some side effects, which may differ depending on what condition the medication is treating. When used as eyedrops to treat eye conditions, the medication may result in side effects that are not usually considered serious, including itching, burning, watering, or drying of the eyes. When the medication is applied to the eyelash line to increase eyelash growth, it may result in browning of the skin near the application site or eyelash growth in unwanted areas. Although these side effects may be permanent, they are not typically considered life threatening. Serious side effects that may occur with either usage of the medication and may require medical attention include swelling of the eye lids, fluid discharge from the eye, or sudden changes in vision, such as light sensitivity.

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    • The aqueous humor nourishes the eye and maintains its proper pressure.
      By: Cristian Ciobanu
      The aqueous humor nourishes the eye and maintains its proper pressure.