What is Bed Bug Spray? (with picture)

Anna T.
Anna T.
Bed bug sprays may contain toxic chemicals.
Bed bug sprays may contain toxic chemicals.

Bed bug spray is a type of spray used to kill bed bugs, which are tiny insects that often live on and inside mattresses. The majority of bed bug sprays contain chemicals, but there are some available that are non-chemical. Bed bug spray may kill bed bugs on contact, but some people who have problems with bed bugs use the sprays to coat their mattresses and bedding materials to create unfavorable conditions for bed bugs. In most cases, one application of bed bug spray is not enough to get rid of a bed bug infestation. Even though the spray may be helpful, eliminating bed bugs might ultimately mean getting assistance from an exterminator.

It is possible to purchase bed bug spray either online or at stores that sell insecticides. People who are considering purchasing their own sprays for bed bugs should carefully examine the ingredients list before buying anything. Many types of bed bug sprays contain dangerous chemicals, and these should be applied with care, particularly if small children or pets live in the home. It is probably not a good idea to spray down a mattress with chemical-based bed bug spray and then sleep on it the same night. It may be safe to come in contact with a mattress after the spray has completely dried, but it's probably smart to err on the side of caution and read the directions thoroughly on the insecticide container before deciding how to use chemical-based bed bug spray.

Some bed bug sprays are made from pyrethins, which are natural organic compounds that are often used to kill bugs. Even though these are normally considered safe to use around children and pets, it's probably still a good idea to avoid coming in contact with any sprayed surface until it has dried. Some pyrethin-based bed bug sprays are not as effective to use as sprays that contain more powerful chemicals, so it may be necessary to use the pyrethin sprays more often before results are noticeable.

Getting rid of bed bugs completely is probably not possible with spray alone. Most experts recommend removing mattresses and bedding from beds, vacuuming and steam cleaning mattresses, and then covering both mattresses and box springs with plastic enclosures that zip up so that any bed bugs locked inside will eventually suffocate and die. Even after all these steps are taken, there is a good chance that bed bugs will still be a problem. If all bed bug removal options have been exhausted, a person may have no choice but to contact an exterminator to end the problem for good.

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    • Bed bug sprays may contain toxic chemicals.
      Bed bug sprays may contain toxic chemicals.