What is Ballpoint Paint?

Malcolm Tatum

For anyone that enjoys crafts, having a set of ballpoint paint pens is absolutely essential. But what is ballpoint paint and how do you use it? Here are some facts about ballpoint paint that you should know before you start any craft project.

Ballpoint paint can be used to customize coffee mugs.
Ballpoint paint can be used to customize coffee mugs.

Ballpoint paint is an acrylic paint that can be used to accent all sorts of craft and detail projects. The product is called ballpoint paint as it is usually administered from a container that is held in the hand in a fashion similar to the way you would hold a writing instrument. Originally, ballpoint paint products were somewhat hard to handle, as they were usually housed in a metal tube with a fine tip. In recent years, the development of the ballpoint paint pen has made the old metal tubes obsolete. Some of these pens are made specifically for doing detail work with fabric paint. The lightweight design of the paint pens make the process of painting fabric much easier, and also allows someone with a steady hand to move through the project at a faster pace.

Along with painting fabric, ballpoint paint can be used to enhance the look of other types of projects as well. For example, clay flowerpots can be given new life with the use of ballpoint paint. You simply choose a design or pattern for the flowerpots and then selects the colors to use. The great thing about the paint is that you can get the product in just about any color you can imagine. Ballpoint paint dries quickly and there is almost no chance of running after the application. This means you can begin to use your flowerpots within just a couple of hours after you complete the designs.

Ballpoint paint also can help you customize coffee mugs as well. You can easily take a plain mug and create a special design for a loved one or for use during the holidays. While some manufacturers do not recommend putting an item treated with ballpoint paint into a dishwasher, you can still hand wash the mugs with no problem.

Ballpoint paint is a real boon for people who love to work with handicrafts, and for those that would like to try their hand at being a little crafty. The easy use of today’s ballpoint paint pens eliminates a lot of the mess that once went along with painting different types of fabrics and other materials. Ballpoint paint can be found at virtually all craft stores, along with craft books that will provide you with a number of ideas for projects that might be ideal for an upcoming holiday or event.

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