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What Is Baby Hair Oil?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Baby hair oil is a kind of personal care product that is used to hydrate the scalp, as well as to add moisture to strands. Although this kind of tool is designed for babies, adults can potentially reap the benefits as well. Though it is primarily used as a conditioning tool, some people also use the product in the hopes of generating new hair. Most commercial brands are made out of a combination of mineral and essential oils, whereas natural versions solely contain plant-based ingredients. Patients should strongly consider consulting with a doctor if the particular condition they are attempting to treat with the oil does not improve over the course of several days.

Dry scalp and hair often require a boost of hydration, which is the primary use of this kind of tool. This product is a gentler version of traditional hair oil, which is why it is designed primarily for babies. One of the most common uses of the oil is to treat cradle cap in infants, which is marked by dry scales on the scalp. At the same time, many adults use baby hair oil in lieu of harsher conventional products as a way to soften their strands and add shine. Generally, these types of hair products are also more affordable than oils sold in salons.

Avocado oil is commonly used in natural baby hair oil.
Avocado oil is commonly used in natural baby hair oil.

Aside from the conditioning benefits of baby hair oil, many people use this personal care product in an attempt to grow new hair in both babies and adults. It is extremely common for newborns to lose their hair, and some parents massage this oil into their infants’ scalps in an effort to generate new hair quicker. Adults can also apply this baby product to their own scalps as a way to prevent breakage and to moisturize hair follicles.

The primary forms of baby hair oil include conventional mineral-based bottles and natural products. Conventional versions are the most common, and the primary ingredient is usually mineral oil. In addition, such products might contain an essential oil, such as one that is derived from lavender, jojoba, or vitamin E. Natural baby hair products do not contain mineral oil or synthetic materials — common features often include avocado oil and aloe vera, as well as coconut and almond extracts.

If a severely dry scalp does not improve after usage of the oil, then a patient should see a physician for further examination. Dry scalp can sometimes be mistaken for psoriasis or eczema, which is often treated by prescription medications. A failed attempt to regrow hair with this type of product can also be addressed with a medical doctor — keep in mind that infants tend to grow all of their strands back naturally overtime. Using baby hair oil is generally considered to be safe, and it is offered over-the-counter at drugstores in several different countries; however, some reactions can occur in those with sensitive skin, particularly if an oil contains fragrances.

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    • Avocado oil is commonly used in natural baby hair oil.
      By: tashka2000
      Avocado oil is commonly used in natural baby hair oil.