What is Aquasol a®? (with picture)

Ann Olson
Ann Olson
Impoverished people around the world are at risk of a vitamin A deficiency.
Impoverished people around the world are at risk of a vitamin A deficiency.

Aquasol A® is one of the brand names used for vitamin A, an essential vitamin necessary to maintain the health of the bones, skin and eyes of the human body. People who fail to eat a healthy diet or who have a medical condition that depletes vitamin A levels may take an Aquasol A® supplement to prevent a potential vitamin A deficiency. A vitamin A deficiency is serious — it is possible to go blind if enough vitamin A is not consumed through a proper diet.

Vitamin A can also play a role in a person's immunity. People who do not consume enough of this vitamin are more likely to become ill, are more prone to infections and recover less quickly from otherwise non-serious health conditions. This is one reason why people in impoverished countries, where vitamin deficiencies are rampant, tend to get sicker more often and die from infections that would otherwise be treatable or preventable with a healthy, nutritious diet. Aquasol A® may be paired with a healthy, vitamin-rich diet to reverse the symptoms of a vitamin A deficiency, but it may not prevent its permanent effects, such as blindness.

Consuming both Aquasol A® and nutrient-rich foods may lead to an opposite effect, however: a vitamin A overdose. Overdosing on this supplement can be serious and sometimes even life-threatening. For example, pregnant women who take too much of this supplement can cause irreversible harm to their fetuses. Ironically, too much of this vitamin can make it harder to see, cause damage to the liver and even weaken the strength of the skin and hair. People who commonly overdose on Aquasol A® have dry, brittle hair that may fall out in clumps.

Vitamin A is commonly found naturally in fatty animal products, such as eggs, beef, cheese, milk and some fish as well as colorful vegetables and fruits. Vitamin A supplementation is especially important during childhood because it maintains the health of bone and eye tissue, which are still developing in this stage of maturation. Eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and lean meat should help children reach their nutritional requirements, however; supplementation is only really necessary if the child has a medical condition that makes it harder for him or her to stay nourished.

Aquasol A® is sold in liquid form in small vials, which can be taken orally every day as needed. It specifically contains retinol, a type of vitamin A that is commonly marketed as an anti-wrinkle or antiaging agent. Although little evidence shows it can prevent wrinkles or other signs of aging, there is evidence it can reverse some of the less serious complications caused by a vitamin A deficiency. Still, it is better to avoid getting this deficiency in the first place because it may cause irreversible side effects, making Aquasol A® an important supplement for people considered at risk.

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    • Impoverished people around the world are at risk of a vitamin A deficiency.
      Impoverished people around the world are at risk of a vitamin A deficiency.