What Is Aquajogging?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards
Aquajogging is a type of water aerobics.
Aquajogging is a type of water aerobics.

Aquajogging, colloquially known as water running, is a type of water aerobics in which participants jog, or run, in water. It can be done in both deep or shallow water, and usually requires little equipment. This is considered a great form of low- or non-impact exercise. For this reason, it is often considered to be especially beneficial for certain people, including those recovering from injuries.

Aquajogging is typically done in a large swimming pool. It can either be done in the deep or shallow end of the pool. During shallow-water exercises, a person is typically immersed into the water up to his waist or chest. His feet will typically be touching the pool bottom.

Deep-water aquajogging typically involves a person suspended in water that is over his head, and it is considered a non-impact form of exercise. During this type of exercise, his feet will not touch the bottom of the pool. To ensure that he does not sink or constantly tread water, he is usually kept afloat by a flotation device know as an aquajogging belt that is strapped around the waist.

Besides aquajogging belts, joggers may also want to invest in aquajogging shoes as well. While these are not actually necessary, many participants in this sport find them quite useful, since they help support the feet and increase water resistance. Also, unlike regular shoes, aquajogging shoes have special vents, or holes, to allow water to drain out. Without these holes, the shoes would quickly become waterlogged and heavy. These special belts and shoes can be purchased, or some pools may let patrons borrow or rent them.

This exercise offers a number of benefits. Unlike other water sports, such as water polo, water running is almost completely non-impact. This is especially helpful for patients recovering from an injury or surgery. Individuals with medical problems that cause limited mobility, such as shin splints or arthritis, can also benefit from this type of exercise. This is because they are able to get the exercise that they need, but with limited soreness in problem areas.

Proper form when aqua jogging, however, is considered essential to prevent pain and injury. Most experts recommend leaning forward slightly when running in the water. Participants should then pump their arms and legs just as if they are running on land. When aquajogging, participants should be sure to stay aware of their surroundings and be mindful of other swimmers or aquajoggers.

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    • Aquajogging is a type of water aerobics.
      By: american911
      Aquajogging is a type of water aerobics.