What is an Iron Bench?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

The iron bench is one of the most durable and attractive options for outdoor seating. Utilized in public parks, gardens, and around the home as patio and sometimes porch furniture, iron benches are practical as well as decorative. If you are considering the purchase of new lawn or garden furniture, here are some facts about an iron bench that you should consider.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Some iron benches are composed completely of cast iron, while others are a combination of treated wood for the seating with a frame constructed with wrought iron. The iron is treated to resist rust and can be painted any color desired. It is not unusual for a sealant to be applied once the paint is in place, giving the iron bench an extra layer of protection.

While many people think of a wrought iron bench as featuring an elaborate pattern or design, that is not always the case. Iron benches that are designed with a more simple structure are also available. The benches used in public parks are one example. The back and seat areas feature solid metal and a simple design that can fit well into any contemporary landscaping strategy.

It is possible to purchase an iron bench that is cast as a solid piece or a series of components that can be assembled easily. Both options are durable and will hold up well even when positioned in open areas around the lawn or garden. Most designs also feature pre-drilled holes in the feet of the legs, making it possible to use screws to permanently place the bench on a patio or on a concrete slab in a garden.

When arranging an outdoor seating area, combining an iron bench with iron chairs and tables creates a simple but effective place to enjoy conversations, read a book or simply rest and enjoy the colors and other appointments of the garden. The look of the bench and chair may be enhanced with the addition of cushions, making the conversation area even more inviting. It is possible to purchase cushions that are constructed with vinyl shells or treated to minimize fading and damage from rain and other elements.

Many lawn and garden shops as well as home stores carry several different designs of iron benches. The quality of materials used in less expensive iron bench options may not be equal to the materials used in high end benches, but if the bench is purchased for use on a patio or other covered area, they may work very well.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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