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What is an Investment View?

Luke Arthur
Luke Arthur

Investment view is a term that is used to describe the investment philosophy of an individual or a business. Every investor has an investment view, and it helps govern the trading decisions of the individual. This philosophy is comprised of a number of factors, including risk tolerance and the potential rewards that are required from each investment. Some investors value growth more than anything else, while some investors prefer to get stability from their investments instead.

All investors have some philosophy that guides their decisions. This view is made up of the principles that are held by the investor, and has been ingrained deep within. While sometimes an investor may experiment with investments outside his or her comfort zone, he or she is more likely to stick with those that fit his investment view.

Man climbing a rope
Man climbing a rope

By looking at an individual's investment view, one can get a comprehensive look at why investment decisions were made. For example, one of the most critical parts of the investment view is risk tolerance. Every trader has a different level of risk that is acceptable to work with. Some investors may be willing to take on a great deal of risk, while others like to play it safe. This risk tolerance will be considered before getting involved in any type of investments.

Another factor that investors will look at is the potential to gain from each investment. Without the potential for gain, there is not much point in taking on an investment. Each investment has a different potential reward associated with it, and investors have to find a reward that they are comfortable with.

The investment strategy of the investor is also a critical part of investment view. Some investors like to go after investments that can provide large amounts of capital appreciation, such as growth stocks. Other investors prefer going after stability in their investments by investing in things like dividend stocks and bonds. Some investors like to get involved with value investing and find stocks that are undervalued in the market place.

Individuals and businesses are not the only ones that can have an investment view. Many times, an investment club will form with multiple individuals who share the same view of investing. These investment clubs allow individuals to pool their money together and make bigger investments. This gives individuals a chance to network with other investors who share the same principles and views and make some extra returns from the market in the process.

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    • Man climbing a rope
      Man climbing a rope