What is an Instant Business Credit Card?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

An instant business credit card approved instantly upon application. There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of card. It’s clearly advantageous to get immediate credit, but it may be worth it to take some time and compare several credit card offers prior to applying.

People looking to acquire an instant business credit card often need a good credit history.
People looking to acquire an instant business credit card often need a good credit history.

People looking for an instant business credit card may have several choices in their search. They can speak to their local bank about issuance of a credit card. The result may be instantaneous if the business has an impeccable credit rating and is a long time bank customer. Other banks that issue a credit card may not have that much information on the business and would need to get approval prior to issuing a card. Usually the best way to get any form of quick response or instant credit card is to have extremely good credit.

One advantage of the instant business credit card is that it can give people credit quickly.
One advantage of the instant business credit card is that it can give people credit quickly.

It’s also possible to look online to find more than a few business credit card applications that can return a quick answer on credit. There are many different companies that offer these. Each may differ slightly in application and some may require the business owner credit information.

In fact, ads for business credit cards are slightly deceptive. Sites with a number of credit card offers often advertise they’re offering a card as a business card, and then an application comes up for a personal card instead. Since many owners want to avoid attaching personal credit history to the card, which is not as favorable in improving credit rating of a business, they may want to look carefully at applications to determine which ones would truly be for a business. This might take a little work, and even if the results of the application are instant, finding a good card to apply for may take time.

One of the purported advantages of the instant business credit card is that it can give people credit quickly. Usually however, it gives people a result about credit quickly and tells a business owner whether his or her application has been approved. It can still take a few weeks for a card to arrive, and people should read the terms very carefully when they receive the card. There may be a grace period in which they can cancel the instant business credit card if they don’t like the terms.

It’s better to decide before applying if an instant business credit card is the right choice for a company. If an application online doesn’t give all information including yearly fees, extra charges, full details on interest and/or perks, call the company first and ask, or ask them to email a document that contains all terms, prior to applying. Careful consideration of all the pros and cons of several cards makes good business sense even if it takes a little longer to do.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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GreenWeaver-Keep in mind that with these reward credit cards you should pay the balance at the end of each month because these types of cards generally charge much higher interest rates than non rewards cards which is how the banks make up for the difference.

If you can’t pay your bill at the end of the month, then it is best to focus on the annual percentage yield that you will be charged. Bankrate offers rates on all new business credit cards so you might want to take a look at that site before you look into business credit card offers.

When you find the right credit card apply online, it is easy to apply for the business credit card online. It only takes a few minutes for instant business credit card approval.


Crispety-Business credit card offers are almost always offered by a bank when you open a business account. They usually encourage you to apply for a business credit card so that you can easily charge your purchases.

Many of these cards also offer loyalty points in which you get rewarded based on how much you spend. Sometimes they offer airline points, merchandise certificates or cash back.


SurfNturf-Often a secured business credit card is offered when the business credit is poor or there is not enough credit data on the business.

The way these cards work is that you have to put so much money in a business account. That money remains frozen and it guarantees your ability to pay because you are offering this other account as collateral.

This is a great way for a business to establish its credit rating or for one that needs to rebuild its credit profile.


Having a credit card for business is a good idea because you do not want to comingle your personal purchases with your business purchases.

New business credit cards take longer to obtain than an instant approval business credit card because normally these businesses have been operating for a certain amount of time and have an established credit history.

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