What is an Inflatable Slide?

Amy Hunter
Amy Hunter
Two young boys
Two young boys

An inflatable slide is a large slide that, when inflated with air, becomes a fun play toy for children. Inflatable slides are available in a variety of styles. Some have traditional steps that must be climbed in order to get to the top of the slide, while others have fake rock climbing walls, rope ladders or obstacle courses. Still others use water to make portable water slides.

An inflatable slide is a fun addition to a child's birthday party or group activity. While the large slides are very expensive, they are readily available from party supply stores for rent. Renting an inflatable slide for your activity is a great way to give children of all ages a neat activity. While it may seem that these inflatable toys would be most appealing to small children, older children enjoy them as well, particularly if they have others their own age to play with.

Before renting an inflatable slide, you should do some background before committing to one particular party supply company. While you can probably make all of the arrangements for your rental over the telephone, if possible visit the party supply store and ask to see photographs of the inflatables. Don't depend solely on the rental supply company's opinion on how many children can safely play on the toy, look for yourself.

If you plan on having many children of varying age, you may want to consider renting more than one inflatable slide. With the wide variety of designs they are available in, you will have plenty of choices. Encourage the smaller children to play on one toy and the larger children on the other. They can take turns at each toy to prevent boredom, but by separating the children by size you reduce the risk of the smaller children being hurt if a larger child jumps or falls on them.

Another consideration before renting an inflatable slide is what kinds of accommodations you must provide for the toys. You will need to be close enough to electrical outlets that the toys can easily be connected to power. They need to be connected the entire time they are in use, as a blower is necessary to keep them inflated. If the area where you are planning a party is not close to electricity, ask if the party company will provide generators.

Finally, ask the party supply company how many staff members they plan to send, and how many you must provide. Some companies will provide enough people to set up and supervise the toys the entire rental period. Others will provide crew for set up and tear down, but you must provide your own crew to supervise, or pay the rental company an extra fee.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys