What is an Identity Theft Attorney?

G. Wiesen

An identity theft attorney is a lawyer or solicitor who specializes in the various facets of identity theft law and helps victims of identity theft deal with the repercussions of such crimes. This type of lawyer typically has a strong understanding of general law, and then pursues a deeper understanding of identity theft law. Attorneys who specialize in identity theft often work with victims of identity theft in filing any paperwork necessary to pursue action against someone accused of stealing their identity. An identity theft attorney will also typically work with a victim to help him or her deal with civil or criminal matters brought against him or her due to the actions of the identity thief.

Some people steal a person's identity by sifting important documents out of the trash.
Some people steal a person's identity by sifting important documents out of the trash.

Often involved with various types of consumer protection law, an identity theft attorney typically chooses to specialize in the area of identity theft. Identity theft is a criminal action in which the thief uses private information about another person to pose as that person and then commit various types of fraudulent activity. This can include financial fraud, the use of the person’s identity to access money that belongs to the victim, and taking out credit cards or loans in his or her name. Anyone who is the victim of this type of crime should typically consider the help of an identity theft attorney to redress damages sustained by this type of activity.

An identity theft attorney can often help a victim pursue legal action against the person responsible for the theft. These attorneys often work with law enforcement agencies by providing any information that may help locate the person who has stolen the identity of a victim. Once the thief is apprehended, then an identity theft attorney can work with a victim to pursue proper legal action in an attempt to rectify some of the harm inflicted.

The nature of identity theft is such that a victim of this crime will often be targeted for civil or criminal actions due the behavior of the person using his or her identity. An identity theft attorney also specializes in helping victims of such crime deal with these types of legal issues. Victims of identity theft can work with an attorney to deal with arrest warrants that may be issued against them and to try to get creditors to recognize the nature of the crime. Many credit card companies and similar agencies may not believe someone has been the victim of identity theft; an identity theft attorney can help a victim properly communicate with such companies in a more beneficial and effective way.

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