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What Is an Eyelash Booster?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

An eyelash booster is a product that can improve the condition and appearance of eyelashes. In some cases, an eyelash enhancer simply uses cosmetic ingredients to make eyelashes appear longer and thicker or may also include nutritional ingredients designed to help condition and strengthen the lashes. In other cases, an eyelash booster may include pharmaceutical agents that can actually encourage eyelash growth. There is a significant difference in cost and effectiveness between different types of eyelash treatments, so individuals who are interested in improving the appearance of their eyelashes should evaluate the various products on the market carefully.

For many people, particularly women, having thick, long eyelashes is a desirable facial characteristic. While women generally have the option of wearing mascara to enhance the appearance of their eyelashes, some find that mascara does not always provide the results that they want. Some cosmetic companies sell eyelash primers that contain fibers that can thicken lashes before a mascara application. This approach can work for some people, but others may feel that it looks too fake, or they may wish for a more permanent solution to short or sparse eyelashes. Individuals who wear contact lenses may also be concerned about using a fiber-based product for fear of eye irritation.

A woman wearing an eyelash booster and mascara.
A woman wearing an eyelash booster and mascara.

In response to the desire for thicker lashes, some cosmetic companies now sell eyelash conditioners that supposedly improve the strength of eyelashes so that they are less likely to fall out and may even be encouraged to grow longer. Some cosmetics experts are suspicious of these claims and question whether well-conditioned lashes are necessarily going to appear longer or thicker. It should be noted, however, that this type of eyelash booster generally contains relatively benign ingredients and does not require a doctor's approval for use.

Recently, a drug that was used to treat eye-area tics was discovered to also increase eyelash growth. As a result, there is now a prescription eyelash booster on the market. In order to use this product, a person must see a doctor to obtain a prescription. There are potentially serious side effects that can result from its use. Some cosmetic companies also sell products over the counter with ingredients with similar effects. Those who are interested in using this type of eyelash booster may wish to speak with their doctor before choosing a product in order to fully understand the potential consequences of using these products to enhance eyelash appearance.

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    • A woman wearing an eyelash booster and mascara.
      A woman wearing an eyelash booster and mascara.