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What Is an Eyebrow Razor?

Madeleine A.
Madeleine A.

An eyebrow razor, also known as an eyebrow shaver, is a small instrument that shapes the eyebrow. It is typically battery operated, thinly shaped, and easy to handle. The eyebrow razor may even have a lighted tip that makes it easier for the person to see small, fine eyebrow hairs. These instruments generally can be purchased from a beauty supply store, drugstore, or other retailer.

A common type of eyebrow razor comes with a small, built-in comb attachment. This allows the person to comb the eyebrows while they are being shaped by the razor component. Although there are other methods of shaping the eyebrow and removing excess hair, few are as easy and fast as using an eyebrow razor. Other methods include tweezing, using a depilatory cream, and waxing.

Plucking eyebrows with a tweezer typically removes less hair than using a razor.
Plucking eyebrows with a tweezer typically removes less hair than using a razor.

One of the drawbacks of using an eyebrow razor is that it can cause nicks and cuts to the delicate eye area. In addition, if not extremely careful, the hand can slip, causing the removal of too much of the eyebrow. If this happens, the eyebrow can be temporarily filled in with an eyebrow pencil in a similar color. Care needs to be taken, however, when using an eye pencil, because if used with a heavy hand, the eyebrows may look unnatural and garish.

Many professional salons use the eyebrow razor to shape and trim their clients' eyebrows. It is important to note, however, that if the instrument is not meticulously cleaned and sterilized, an infection can occur. The salon customer getting her eyebrows shaped with a razor should inquire about methods of cleaning and sterilization of the tools.

Shaving the eyebrows with a traditional razor is not recommended because the surface area of the razor blade is too large. Conversely, the eyebrow razor has a small surface area, allowing the user to shave only small areas of the eyebrow at a time. This allows for better control, and decreases the risk of mistakes and injury. Great care must be taken when using any razor near the eye area because one false move can result in permanent damage to the eye.

People who have their eyebrows waxed find eyebrow razors very useful to clean up the eyebrows in between appointments. In addition, eyebrow razors are relatively inexpensive. This tool is thin, so it might be difficult to grasp for people who suffer from painful joint conditions, including arthritis. In these cases, another method of eyebrow shaping may be advised.

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I never heard of this! I may have to look into getting one.

My sister plucks her eyebrows herself, and she did mine once, but I just don't have the patience! I'd rather get it all over with at once. Whether it's because of my PCOS or just genetics, I do have pretty impressive eyebrows when they're left untamed.

So I get them waxed regularly, but it would be nice to have a way to tidy up if, for instance, I had a special occasion and was not due for a wax. And I notice the "unibrow" starting to form in between waxings as well, which is a lot more noticeable than a few stray hairs under the eybrows! Sounds like the eyebrow razor could be a good way to keep that under control. I've been plucking those but I *hate* it.

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    • Plucking eyebrows with a tweezer typically removes less hair than using a razor.
      By: MarkFGD
      Plucking eyebrows with a tweezer typically removes less hair than using a razor.