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What is an Education Administration Certificate?

Stacy Carey
Stacy Carey

An education administration certificate recognizes that a person has satisfactorily completed formal training to become an administrator or supervisor at the elementary, middle or high school, or college level. Training for education administration certification is available through a number of colleges, universities, and online distance learning programs and may involve an internship in addition to coursework. Educational administration programs are designed primarily for two different groups of educators. The program is for those aspiring to move into leadership positions within the educational system. In addition, those currently in administrative positions and want to develop additional leadership skills further may find the program beneficial.

The coursework for an education administration certificate provides training in effective strategies for managing and leading day-to-day activities in schools of all grade and age levels. The certification also covers training within the topics of finance, management of human resources, and administrative responsibilities. The required internship provides students an opportunity to put the coursework into practice with hands-on application. The requirements for coursework and the internship vary by location and the type of education administration certificate desired. Those desiring certification for preschool or elementary educational settings may have to pursue slightly different topics than those pursuing high school or college level administrator positions and certification.

A school administrator must achieve an education administration certificate.
A school administrator must achieve an education administration certificate.

Administration certification typically requires students to have some experience in the teaching field along with a teaching license and a master’s degree. In some locations or programs, certification candidates may also need to have a principal certificate already along with experience within an administrative position. The purpose of the education administration certificate is to build upon existing experience and training to supplement and strengthen administrative skills.

The coursework to acquire an education administration certificate focuses on business practices and leadership within the school setting. Students work on topics such as theories within educational leadership, personnel management, conflict resolution and management ethics. Administration certification also typically includes coursework on administrative software along with business administration within an educational setting.

An education administrator is expected to have deep knowledge of a number of topics, and as a result an education administration certification program provides detailed coursework across many subjects. Leadership and supervisory techniques along with curriculum development and theory are main components in most programs. Additional training in school law and educational theory will be presented as well. In many cases, coursework covering economic and community development and the workforce may be required, particularly in programs with a community college or higher education focus.

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    • A school administrator must achieve an education administration certificate.
      By: scottchan
      A school administrator must achieve an education administration certificate.