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What Is an ATV Rack?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

An ATV rack is a structure mounted to an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that is used for hauling various types of items. Some racks are multi-purpose units meant to handle the hauling of any variety of items, while others are specially designed to accept specific items such as guns. An ATV rack can be made from sturdy metal such as steel, or it can be made from lighter weight metal such as aluminum. Less often, the rack may be made from plastics or other synthetic materials, though such racks usually cannot haul as much weight.

The versatility of an ATV rack can also vary depending on how it is mounted to the ATV. Some racks are receiver hitch racks, which means they are designed to mount in a trailer hitch behind the vehicle. Others are mounted directly to the body of the ATV, either at the rear of the vehicle, the front of the vehicle, or both. If the ATV rack is a basket model, meaning it is fairly deep and can extend high off the body of the ATV, it is usually mounted to the rear of the driver so his or her view of the terrain in front of the ATV is not obstructed. Some lower profile baskets are mounted at the front of the vehicle, however.

Some ATV racks are mounted directly to the body of the ATV.
Some ATV racks are mounted directly to the body of the ATV.

Specialty ATV rack models can accommodate a variety of items in need of hauling. A chainsaw rack, for example, is designed specifically to haul one or more chainsaws safely and securely. Gun racks are common additions to ATVs, making safe and secure hauling of guns possible and much more convenient. Ice augers used to cut holes in ice for ice fishing can be mounted to specially designed racks, usually at the rear of the ATV.

Hunters often choose to use larger, heavier duty racks mounted either on the ATV itself or in a trailer hitch receiver. These ATV rack designs can accommodate the large weight and bulk of animals that have been killed while hunting; the hunter will need to haul the animal out of the woods, which means the ATV will need to be capable of hauling a large animal and securing it to prevent it from falling or shifting during the transport. Some racks are designed specifically for this purpose, while others are multi-purpose units that can accommodate such applications without any modifications or extra equipment.

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    • Some ATV racks are mounted directly to the body of the ATV.
      By: stoffies
      Some ATV racks are mounted directly to the body of the ATV.