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What is an Art Blogger?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

An art blogger is an online writer who has a blog devoted to the subject of art. This person can be a novice or an expert. Everything from famous painters to controversies in the art world are topics that may be of discussion on the blog.

A degree is not necessary to be an art blogger, but an extensive knowledge of the art world and its components is. In addition, one must have an extreme love of the subject to write the blog on a frequent basis, which is helpful when keeping an audience. Those who have an art blog are typically artists themselves.

Woman posing
Woman posing

In order to be a good art blogger, it is vital to keep the general subject matter about art without delving too much into irrelevant subjects. Information on various events, new works by well-known artists and bios about artists who are up and coming are some subjects to discuss. The most important thing to do is to stand out by offering relevant information that draws in readers and keeps them interested. Dig deeper than what every other art blogger is talking about; shying away from the norm can be what brings more attention and a larger audience. People want to feel that they know more about a topic than just what everyone else knows.

Another way to be a good art blogger is to have pictures with the writing. Although the written word is important, pictures can help bring life to the site. Without pictures, it can eliminate the visual aspect of the art. The words can draw a reader in, but the accompanying pictures are what is going to get the reader to stop and think about what is being said.

To best way to help get the website noticed is to bring it to others who have an interest in the subject and by being someone who is not self absorbed. For example, link to other art bloggers. Leave comments and take time to read the information on other art blogs.

An art blogger may or may not make money off of the website. Many choose to do it for the pure love of the subject and the desire to share their passion with others. In some cases, the frequent writing on an art blog could lead to career opportunities in the future.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing