What is an Armless Chair?

Jessica Ellis

An armless chair is a functional and useful design that can add flexibility in a cramped environment. These chairs usually have the comfort and cushioning of armchairs, but without the additional element of bulky arms. For streamlined design styles, such as Zen-inspired or mod looks, armless chairs offer simplicity, clean lines, and exceptional versatility.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

If you are choosing furniture for a small room or home, armless chair styles can be an efficient space saver. Fitting many chairs around dining room tables can also be made easier with this type of chair, although you must take care to leave enough space for guests to comfortably get in and out of their seats. In a living room or family room, the chairs can even be placed directly against a wall, providing more available space toward the center of the room. If you purchase a set to use for dining, they are also quite easy to stack and store in tight quarters.

Those interested in minimalist design will probably appreciate the look of an armless chair. An overcrowded room can be surprisingly reduced by replacing bulky armchairs with armless varieties. The simplicity of design is extraordinary, allowing the full usefulness of the chair without any additional bulk. Try complementing design aesthetics that value utility and simplicity with armless chairs: while they may not be appropriate for English country or baroque-style rooms, they can add atmosphere to a room centered on meditation or reduce bulk in a room with an impressive design element, such as a spectacular painting or carpet.

Many armless chairs are extra wide, allowing you to sit comfortably in a variety of positions. It is easy to curl up in a deep, armless chair, without having to worry about resting your head or back on an uncomfortably hard arm. They are also excellent for homes with young children, as kids cannot crash into the arms or smack their heads on them.

You can easily find an armless chair to match your design aesthetic and color palette. They are usually available in leather, fabric, and even full wood versions. There are also many styles of armless chairs available; most furniture stores will carry a selection of dining, lounge and occasional chairs in armless styles.

With such a variety available, price range for armless chairs is quite wide. They are typically similar in price to chairs with arms, although they may be slightly lower than corresponding armchairs as less material is needed for production. Look for budget-saving varieties at second hand stores or warehouse stores, while upscale models can be purchased at most furniture stores.

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