What Is an Anvil Press?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

An anvil press is a piece of industrial equipment capable of exerting a very high degree of force on a small object. High compression may be necessary for some kinds of manufacturing processes, and these devices are also used in scientific research. Firms that manufacture anvil presses and accessories may have a range of products available for different applications, and some can also offer service and support to their customers. Prices vary, depending on the size and specifications of a press.


A potential use for an anvil press is in the production of industrial diamonds. One way to make industrial diamonds is through a high pressure, high temperature environment that mimics conditions inside the Earth's crust where diamonds form naturally. Companies can replicate this process to produce diamonds for use in activities like the production of diamond saw blades for cutting very tough, durable materials.

These same characteristics can also be useful in research. Geologists and other researchers cannot descend into the depths of the Earth to do their work, but they can mimic conditions for experiments and research. This can help them understand the origins of various formations and processes, and this information can be applied to a greater understanding of the field. An anvil press in a lab may be used along with other equipment to collect important data.

It may be possible to rent or lease an anvil press for a specific application, or to allow a company to test the options available before it commits to a purchase. Companies may also be able to find used presses if they cannot afford a brand new machine. Company representatives may help customers locate the best anvil press for their needs and can also provide information on where to find parts and maintenance services. If the owner opts for a maintenance contract, it may want to check the terms and conditions to find out what will happen if the servicer goes out of business, as it may make arrangements for customers or could leave them without support or compensation.

Some safety precautions must be followed around an anvil press. It is important to avoid catching body parts in the machinery, particularly the staging area where the high pressure force occurs. Operators typically receive training and may need to wear protective garments and eye wear, depending on what is being processed. The machine also needs to be regularly serviced, calibrated, and maintained to operate at its most efficient.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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