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What Is an Aloe Vera Mask?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith

An aloe vera mask is a mixture that can be applied to the face or body in which the primary ingredient is aloe vera. This type of product is typically designed to be washed off the face or body after several minutes using warm water. The ingredients are designed to promote healing in the exposed skin and reduce signs of inflammation. It may be purchased from local beauty care stores or mixed at home.

The aloe vera plant is similar in nature to a cactus. A gel like substance may be squeezed from its spiky fronds and used in different forms of skin therapy. Alternatively, the fronds may be chopped and blended into a pulpy mixture that, when strained, provides a concentrated aloe juice. This ingredient is well known for its ability to heal wounds faster, help skin retain its moisture, and regulate new cell production on the surface of the skin.

Aloe vera cream.
Aloe vera cream.

One common use of an aloe vera mask is in the treatment of sunburns. A sunburn is characterized by swollen, red, itchy patches of skin that appear after a person spends significant amount of time in the sun. These physical manifestations are the direct result of an overexposure to ultraviolet radiation, which causes damage and mutations in the DNA and cutaneous blood cells of the skin. The ingredients used in most aloe masks, once smoothed over the affected area, can help promote circulation to the surface of the skin and increase healing throughout the damaged cells. This fresh circulation can reduce inflammation in the area and generate faster rates of repair in the surface skin, helping users avoid the peeling and painful dry skin that can often follow this type of damage.

The aloe vera mask may also be applied to the face to both moisturize and combat the signs and appearance of acne. When making this type of mask for the face alone, common ingredients may include aloe vera gel, aloe juice, olive oil, and essential rose oil. The two forms of the aloe plant in combination with essential rose oil work together to calm inflammation in the skin and reduce scarring, which can be the result of some more severe forms of acne. It also can promote healing by encouraging the growth of new and healthy cells around the damaged ones, and works to tighten pores against new blemish infections using aloe's natural anti-microbial properties. Dried oats may be blended together with the mask in a food processor to help dry skin from an overproduction of oil, to prevent the occurrence of future acne outbreaks.

Less severe forms of psoriasis may also be treated using an aloe vera mask. This mixture, when smoothed over red, plaque covered areas of skin, can work over time to reduce the instances of this skin condition. Plaques lessen with the use of the mask until they no longer appear on the skin, and redness is greatly diminished until it is no longer noticeable. More serious forms of the condition may require treatment by a healthcare professional.

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    • Aloe vera cream.
      By: volff
      Aloe vera cream.