What Is Aloe Vera Spray?

Jeremy Laukkonen

Aloe vera spray is a product that is commonly used to provide relief from sunburns, treat certain skin conditions, and even act as a anti-microbial agent. It consists of an extract from the aloe vera plant, which has been cultivated for hundreds of years to serve similar purposes. Some aloe vera sprays consist of pure aloe, while others use it as just one ingredient among many. These sprays can also be non-aerosol or aerosolized, and it is even possible to make a simple aloe vera spray by mixing aloe gel with a little bit of water. In addition to the many ways that aloe vera spray can be used to treat humans, it is also useful for relieving discomfort or dealing with certain conditions in animals such as dogs and horses.

Leaves of the aloe vera plant.
Leaves of the aloe vera plant.

The aloe vera plant is a succulent that has been cultivated for ornamental and utilitarian purposes for hundreds of years. It consists of fat leaves that contain a gel-like liquid substance that is also referred to as aloe vera. These plants are adapted to arid environments, which is why they store water in this way. When an aloe vera leaf is broken open, the gel-like substance leaks out. It can be used directly as a rudimentary treatment for burns and other minor conditions, or processed into cosmetics, food, and many other functional products.

Aloe vera spray is commonly used to provide relief from sunburns and other skin conditions.
Aloe vera spray is commonly used to provide relief from sunburns and other skin conditions.

There are two main ways aloe vera is commonly available for medicinal purposes, which are as a gel or a spray. Aloe vera gel can also be turned into a spray by mixing in a little water and pouring it in a spray bottle. Commercial products can be found in both aerosol cans and non-aerosol spray bottles, either in a pure form, or in various solutions that also contain other substances. Aloe vera spray is often used to provide relief for sunburns, though it is also found in products that contain lidocaine and other pain relievers to treat contact burns.

Aloe vera spray is also used to treat psoriasis and various other skin conditions. Some people use it on undamaged skin, as a preventative measure, since aloe vera lotions and gels can also be useful for that purpose. In addition to these and other human uses for the product, aloe vera spray is also used to treat some issues seen in animals. Horses with digestive problems, head shaking issues, and many other conditions can benefit from aloe vera spray. It is also be used in a hydro-cortisone spray for dogs, a topical wingtip treatment for birds, and in a variety of other instances.

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