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What is Airbrush Spray Makeup?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Airbrush spray makeup is a cosmetic product. It is a type of foundation to be applied to the face, to give the skin an even, airbrushed-like appearance. Airbrush spray makeup is usually found in a small can, and can be located in most drugstores and makeup counters among the other types of powder and liquid foundation.

Airbrush spray makeup comes in varying shades for light, medium, and dark complexions. It is generally recommended that users apply this type of foundation by first spraying it onto a makeup sponge, then using the sponge to apply it evenly to the face. Do not use the fingers to apply it, as this can transfer bacteria to the face and cause breakouts. Pricier types of airbrush makeup may be sprayed directly onto the face, but these are designed to create a thin, even layer which may not be possible with the direct application of other types of spray foundation.

Woman shopping
Woman shopping

The airbrushed look is quite popular because it can make skin look virtually pore-less, the way airbrushed models appear in magazine advertisements. In addition, it effectively covers up redness, scars, and blemishes, and can give the skin a smooth and even appearance. Airbrush spray makeup is often used in conjunction with makeup primer, which is a clear, matte base applied to the face prior to foundation to fill in any imperfections, and to provide a smooth canvas for foundation. Concealer may also be applied to particularly troublesome areas, followed by the foundation. Be sure to blend foundation well so as not to create a defined line at the jawline or ears.

Airbrush spray makeup may work well for people who have relatively normal skin, which is not too dry or too oily. Those with dry skin will want to apply a moisturizer first, to prevent the spray makeup from drying up and flaking off. Those with oily or acne-prone skin may have more luck with a powder foundation, which can prevent sheen from appearing on the forehead and cheeks. Powder foundations tend to sit more lightly on the skin than liquid or airbrush foundations.

One benefit to airbrush spray makeup is that it is often designed to last all day, and may be a good choice for people who are more active, or who frequently find that their makeup to be wears off quickly. People who appear on camera regularly, such as television news correspondents, often use airbrush spray makeup for a flawless appearance on screen. Some people criticize airbrush spray makeup, saying it looks unnatural, but this often has more to do with the application technique than the makeup itself.

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    • Woman shopping
      Woman shopping