What Is Advertising Weight?

Jim B.
Jim B.
Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Advertising weight is a measurement of how much exposure is afforded to a specific advertising campaign or a specific advertisement within a larger campaign. It can be measured in the amount of television commercials, radio spots, or print advertisements devoted to a certain campaign. Marketers determine how much advertising weight to devote to a certain campaign based on the priority of the campaign and the advertising budget they are afforded. As advertisers increase the weight that they give to a campaign, they increase the exposure for the specific brand they are trying to promote.

Companies that operate on a large scale often have several different advertising campaigns running at the same time. If a company sells a wide range of products, it has to decide which products it wants to heavily promote. It must also decide when and where this advertising is going to take place, thereby determining which consumers get to see the advertising and how much of that advertising they'll get to see. This is the concept behind advertising weight.

The amount of advertising weight given to any single aspect of a given advertising campaign depends upon the intricacies of the market for the products or services in question. For example, it may be advisable for a company in a market that is dominated by a single local news show to buy significant advertising time during that broadcast. By contrast, radio or print advertising may be more beneficial to a company's advertising strategy.

What companies have to understand is how to properly balance the advertising weight they give to each of their campaigns. Some companies might want to put a huge marketing push behind a certain new product to bring it to the attention of consumers. Doing that might lessen the exposure of other products to the point where the public forgets about it. Marketers have to be cognizant of these realities when they begin any new campaign.

Perhaps the most important factor in determining advertising weight is the amount of money that marketers have in their budget. Knowing how much money they can devote to each specific advertising effort can help dictate the choices of marketers. Obviously, those companies with extensive budgets have a wider margin for error when it comes to the way they expose their brand. Still, a few poor choices can have an adverse effect on even companies on solid financial footing, so extreme diligence must be paid to this process at all times.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up