What is Adobe&Reg; Photoshop&Reg; Elements?

Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth

Adobe Systems Incorporated® is a software company that produces a range of products in the areas of desktop publishing, web design, video and image editing, and elearning. Adobe® Photoshop®, available in a “regular” and extended version, is professional software for creating images and editing photographs and images. Adobe® Photoshop® is used by photographers, print designers, print production staff, and web designers. Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is a version of Adobe® Photoshop® software made for digital photography hobbyists.

Photo editing is a process in which a photograph is altered in some way that can be fairly subtle or quite dramatic.
Photo editing is a process in which a photograph is altered in some way that can be fairly subtle or quite dramatic.

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is sold in several versions: Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is the basic version, while Adobe® Photoshop® Elements Plus has extended capabilities. There are also bundles available that combine either Photoshop® Elements or Photoshop® Elements Plus with Adobe® Premiere® Elements or Adobe® Premiere® Elements Plus. Adobe® Premiere® is a video-editing software for consumers. There are also separate editions for Apple® computers and Windows® computers. All of these various versions come with some amount of online backup and storage.

One of the functions of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is to assist users in managing and protecting their photographs. To this end, it includes features such as People Recognition™ to locate photographs of a particular person quickly, and Auto-Analyzer™ to discriminate material by quality. Tagging and automatic syncing also add to the ability to organize and locate images.

Editing is an important function of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements. It provides the facility for resizing, fixing lighting issues, whitening teeth and bluing skies, and fixing red eye and skin tones. Photomerge™ enables joining separate shots to create panoramas and group shots.

Ease of photo sharing is provided through the Adobe® Photoshop® Elements online space each user has access to, as well as through a combination of other features, including online albums, and templates for creating scrapbook pages and other applications. It is also easy to share photos with a select group of smartphones, through email, or on websites such as the user’s own site or social networking sites.

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements Plus differs from Adobe® Photoshop® Elements in providing added services. The online space is significantly larger, for one thing. In addition, the Plus user has access to help tutorials, clip art, and templates that are not available with the basic package. There is a yearly charge for access to the Plus benefits.

Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth

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