What Is a Zinc Oxide Treatment?

Erik J.J. Goserud

Zinc oxide is a chemical blend that is usually applied to a region of the body in lotion form. There are many marketed forms of this product, and its uses are broad in the medical field. Zinc oxide treatment basically refers to any circumstance that warrants the use of zinc oxide or a related product for medical or aesthetic reasons.

Zinc oxide ointment can be used to treat and prevent some types of diaper rashes.
Zinc oxide ointment can be used to treat and prevent some types of diaper rashes.

One common way in which zinc oxide is used is for diaper rash. Diaper rash is common among infants and the elderly; basically any demographic that has trouble controlling their bowels or wears diapers is at risk for this uncomfortable condition. Diaper rash usually occurs when there is a breakdown or infection present in the skin.

The presence of this condition is generally seen where there is trapped fluid or substances that can deteriorate the skin, as is the case underneath the diapers of infants, hence the name. A zinc oxide treatment may be appropriate in this case. Zinc oxide acts to not only repair damaged skin but to absorb excess drainage. Additionally, its viscous nature allows a zinc oxide treatment to stay in play where applied, protecting any skin from further damage due to contact with unwanted substances.

Another way in which a zinc oxide treatment may be utilized is in the treatment of wounds. The nature of wounds often calls for large amounts of fluid to be drawn to the area. While this fluid can sometimes heal wounds, there are circumstances in which it is counterproductive. When this drainage comes into contact with healthy skin, it can cause skin breakdown similar to that seen with diaper rash. A zinc oxide treatment may be applied in a similar fashion to prevent this from occurring.

Zinc oxide is also used outside of the medical industry and is commonly involved in the production of concrete. Additionally, this unique compound can be found in many rubber products. Sometimes, zinc oxide can be used as a food additive due to the fact that zinc is a mineral that is very useful to the body.

The uses for a zinc oxide treatment are plentiful; however, only a skilled professional with experience should be applying this substance. Like any other medical treatment, the potential for harm exists if improperly applied. Creative health care professionals are using their skills and knowledge of this substance to find more and more ways in which zinc oxide can benefit others.

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