What is a Work-At-Home Job?

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Electronic communications have created major changes in the way that people work. Tasks that once could only be performed in a central office can now be done in remote locations. This flexibility has created the opportunity for many people to work at home. A work-at-home job is defined as any type of steady employment that may be conducted within the residence. Three basic work from home situations have emerged over the last several years that are proving to be ideal for many people.

Copyediting opportunities are available to people who wish to work from home.
Copyediting opportunities are available to people who wish to work from home.

One common type of work-at home job is simple telecommuting. Essentially, the home worker is employed with a company on a full time or part time basis. Typically, the home based employee will have a company phone extension that routes to the home, along with office equipment and an Internet connection that is supplied by the company. Communication with the company is conducted through phone calls and email. The home worker will have established hours to work during the week, and receives a paycheck at the end of each pay period. Customer care specialists and administrative assistants are two examples of positions that are especially coveted telecommuting jobs these days.

The Internet makes it much easier for parents to work at home.
The Internet makes it much easier for parents to work at home.

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A second example of a work-at-home job has to do with working on commission as an agent of a company. With this scenario, the corporation usually supplies electronic documents and some sort of online customer sign-up process. Agents are not an uncommon work-at-home job situation, especially among persons who may require a more flexible work schedule. Agents typically are expected to be self-starters, who understand that in order to make money, they have to produce sales. One advantage to being an agent is that it is possible to set up a home business that actually functions as an agent for several different types of goods or services.

A third common category of the work-at-home job is the freelancer. Just as with agents, freelancers are essentially working for themselves, set their own schedules, and are responsible for finding their own assignments or clients. Unlike an agent, freelancers receive their pay directly their customers and usually design their own online presence and specify their own payment methods. Some of the more common home businesses that fall into this category would be web site designers, content writers, and billing specialists.

The concept of the work-at-home job has changed a great deal over the last couple of decades. Once considered the province of envelope stuffing work and similar menial jobs, the work-at-home job market today offers positions and home business ideas that often can create a very lucrative income, all from the comfort of a spare room.

Website designers may work at home.
Website designers may work at home.

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