What is a Wood Conservatory?

Shannon Kietzman

A conservatory is a type of greenhouse that is added to the garden area of a home. It is a large room containing glass walls, which allow the sun to shine freely inside. For this reason, the conservatory is typically used to house plants, and also as a sun room for recreational purposes. The glass panes of a conservatory are held in place with metal posts, though a wood conservatory uses wood overlays to provide a more natural look.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

A wood conservatory still has metal structural support, like any other form of conservatory, because metal best provides the stability and support the glass requires to stay in place. Also, metal is less likely to warp or twist. With a wood conservatory, pieces of wood such as white pine are laid over the metal beams. In this way, the wood conservatory appears to be made completely from wood and glass when viewed from the inside.

A wood conservatory does not have any advantages over a metal conservatory in regards to stability, structure, or durability. A wood conservatory is, however, the preferred style for individuals interested in using the conservatory as a focal piece for the garden. This is because a wood conservatory has a more natural look that fits nicely with the natural look of a garden.

A wood conservatory is also the choice of homeowners interested in maintaining a traditional or country look to the home. A conservatory with metal structural supports can detract from the traditional look, as it has a more contemporary appearance. Therefore, homeowners must study the general look of their home, both inside and out, when deciding between a standard conservatory and a wood conservatory.

When building a wood conservatory, the homeowner should select a wood that matches the type of wood used in the rest of the home. In this way, the wood conservatory and the home will tie in to each other nicely and create an attractive transition from the natural beauty of the outdoors to the traditional look of the indoors.

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