What is a Wine Basket?

Mary McMahon

A wine basket is a gift basket which prominently features one or more bottles of wine. There are a number of different styles of wine basket available through wineries and wine merchants, and they can also be purchased through gourmet stores and companies which specialize in gift basket delivery. For people who enjoy wines, this type of gift basket can be an excellent and much-appreciated gift idea.

A wine basket.
A wine basket.

In its most basic form, a wine basket consists of a basket which holds several bottles of wine and a packing material which is designed to prevent damage. The wines may be samplers from a winery, such as a flight of different vintages of the same wine, or they might be a mixture of wines. Many wine of the month clubs offer a wine basket option, in which the wines are delivered in a basket and wrapped as gifts.

Other wine baskets may include wine-related accessories, like glasses appropriate for the type of wine in the basket, and bottle openers. Some stores may offer picnic baskets with wines, cheeses, bread, fruit, and other foods, with a cloth and utensils, creating a complete picnic in a single package. Gourmet stores often offer this type of wine basket, especially if they are located in a region where people enjoy outdoor recreation.

When purchasing a wine basket, it can be important to consider the cost of the bottles of wine on their own. In some cases, buying a wine basket opens the door to substantial discounts, while in other cases, it may be cheaper to purchase the wines and the basket separately, and assemble a wine basket at home. The included accessories may also be an important consideration: a wine picnic basket, for example, might be very convenient, and well worth a little extra cost to save the effort of assembling all of the necessary items for a picnic.

Some companies offer wine basket delivery, in which the gift basket will be delivered to a home or office by a courier. Others may ship, packing the baskets especially well to prevent breakage and temperature-related damage. Due to limitations on the shipment of wine, it is important to make sure that someone will be available to accept the package when it arrives, or it may be returned. It is also possible to ask a hotel or resort to place a wine basket in the room of a guest, with the price of the basket being billed to the person who orders it. Hotel delivery can be a thoughtful gift for newlyweds, as a gesture of good wishes from friends at the start of a honeymoon.

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