What is a Wedding Hair Stylist?

Allison Boelcke

A wedding hair stylist is a professionally trained hair stylist with specialized knowledge of formally styling hair for weddings. He or she typically works mostly with the bride, but may also perform services for other members of a wedding. Styling hair for weddings is generally a longer, more in-depth process than basic styling and may require multiple practice sessions.

Hair styling products.
Hair styling products.

Wedding stylists may work at salons or own their own businesses. Many stylists specialize in wedding hair, but will also style hair for other formal events. They may also offer other services, including makeup application and manicures.

A wedding hair stylist will create a look that will accentuate the bride and help her to look her best on her special day.
A wedding hair stylist will create a look that will accentuate the bride and help her to look her best on her special day.

The process of styling hair for a wedding often begins with a consultation between the stylist and bride prior to the wedding day. The stylist may request the bride to bring a picture of her wedding dress and anything she may be wearing on her head, such as a veil, headpiece or decorative hair adornments. The bride may express her ideas on how she wants her hair styled or ask for the stylist’s professional opinion.

Most wedding hair stylists also work in a traditional hair salon.
Most wedding hair stylists also work in a traditional hair salon.

The wedding hair stylist may examine a variety of factors, such as the bride’s age, face shape, and hair texture, to determine what hair style may be most flattering. He or she may also take into account the time of day the wedding will take place to determine how formal the hair style should be. Once the stylist offers his or her personalized suggestions, the bride may select multiple styles for the stylist to demonstrate. A wedding hair stylist will typically do each hair style to see if the bride likes how it looks, then take a photograph to ensure the style doesn’t look different in photographs. If the hair style is complex or time consuming, the stylist may record how long it takes to do so he or she can allot enough styling time on the day of the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, the stylist may travel to meet the bride at a specified location or the bride may go to the stylist’s salon. One of the main job duties of a wedding hair stylist is to style the bride’s hair on the wedding day and ensure the style will last throughout the entire event. He or she will typically have knowledge on the different methods of making a hair style stay put, such as using specialized hair products.

If a bride is wearing a veil or other head adornment, the stylist will help position it so it doesn’t interfere with the bride’s hair style. He or she may also explain how to easily take down the hair style after the event, especially if a lot of pins or hair products were used. Although the majority of the time and effort is spent on the bride, a wedding hair stylist may also offer to style the hair of any other members of the wedding.

Some wedding hair stylists may offer to stay at the event and accompany the bride to any photography sessions. He or she will touch up the hair style if it comes loose throughout the wedding. A bride may also pay the stylist to perform a second hair style for any celebration following the wedding.

Some wedding stylists offer manicure services.
Some wedding stylists offer manicure services.

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@pleonasm - Honestly, I think it's worth getting an expert in for hair and makeup at a wedding. Your day is probably going to be immortalized on film and you'll want to look your absolute best. No matter how wonderful the average hairdresser is, they probably aren't practiced at getting hair right for a wedding. I'd actually rather spend money on that than on almost anything else, since it's something that will stand out in photos.


@Ana1234 - My hair is pretty short and I think I would do what my mother did on her wedding day, although hers was a kind of accident.

She had arranged to have a florist make a garland for her to wear, as well as taking care of all the other flowers for the wedding, but her florist broke her arm a couple of days before the big day. So my mother ended up having to get fake flowers for everything, which she wasn't really happy about.

The nice thing, though, is that her hair garland was really pretty and we can still have a look at it now, because it didn't decay like ordinary flowers would.

I actually don't know if she had a bridal hair stylist for the day. I think she just went to her ordinary hair dresser and asked them to do it, but she had lovely, long hair at the time. I'd just wear the garland and that would be it.


This is one of those places where I think most brides on a budget will try to cut down on expenses and that's a pretty good idea. You probably have at least one friend who is really into hair and knows how to do spectacular up-dos for special occasions.

I wouldn't expect them to do it all for nothing, because the wedding hair and makeup person often ends up doing the styles for every bridesmaid as well as the bride, but a couple of bottles of nice wine is still cheaper than paying an expert to do it.

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