What is a Waterproof Running Jacket?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano
Man with a backpack
Man with a backpack

A waterproof running jacket, which is usually made from polyester or a combination of polyester and spandex, is a jacket that repels water. The wearer can use it during wet weather such as snow or rain and still stay dry and comfortable. The jackets usually have vents that can prevent sweat from building up on the individual. Some are also windproof to prevent irritating wind from hampering a good run.

Runners and other athletes who work out in wet weather can wear a waterproof running jacket to stay dry, but others who are working or doing everyday errands can also get use out of this article of clothing. The jacket is more lightweight than a typical jacket for more comfort while in motion. It usually has a mock collar to protect the neck from the weather; some may also have a draw cord or be elasticized at the wrists to prevent water from seeping in. The hem may also be elasticized or have a draw cord to prevent riding up while running; others may have no elasticity at all.

Some jackets are made for women while others are made for men. A waterproof running jacket can have a more form-fitting style or can be loose. The jackets come in a variety of sizes. The cost for a jacket can range depending on the brand and features.

Having pockets in a waterproof running jacket can be quite useful. Many runners take an mp3 player while they run, so a pocket during wet weather can protect the device. Inside or outside zip pockets can also hold keys, money and any other items that could get wet or fall out during exercise.

If the runner prefers to run in the evening or at night as opposed to during the day, a waterproof running jacket that has reflective material on it may be a safer bet. Reflective strips on jackets can help motorists see where runners are so they can to avoid them. A brightly colored jacket, such as one that is blue, red or green, may also be a better option over darker colors.

In order to purchase the correct fit, measuring for the right size or trying the item on could be advantageous. A good, well-fitting jacket could help contribute to the individual having a better, more comfortable run. Considering the range of prices, colors, sizes and styles, there is a waterproof running jacket for almost anyone seeking to purchase one.

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I always run with a high visibility jacket because I have heard too many gruesome stories of runners getting hit by cars. I have been there myself a few times and have narrowly avoid being turned in to a pancake.

Luckily, the high visibility jacket I have is also waterproof. And when it is rainy and overcast out you need to be more visible to drivers.


What do you think is the best waterproof running jacket as far as brands go. I need to get one and I would like to get the best. Cost is not an issue, I am concerned most about quality. Any recommendations?


I live in Portland and it is pretty much a requirement that you have a waterproof running jacket if you want to run in this city. If you are outside for more than 15 minutes you are pretty much guaranteed to get rained on.

I have one that I got at a sporting goods store. It fits me well and I like the material. It is soft and it does not make an annoying squeaking sound when I run.

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    • Man with a backpack
      Man with a backpack