What Is a Vegan Jacket?

Ray Hawk

A vegan jacket is a form of outerwear clothing that has been produced in a way so as to not cause any harm to animals. Veganism in general is a philosophy based on the idea that human beings have no right to use animals for any purpose, even if it is one that appears to be harmless and does not result in the animal's death or directly observable suffering. In order for people who believe in the philosophy of vegansim to live according to this principle, they must not only change their diet, but also the type of clothing that they wear.

Vegan leather can look indistinguishable from the real thing.
Vegan leather can look indistinguishable from the real thing.

Veganism as a philosophy is very noble in principle, but difficult to comprehensively live up to in practice. This is due in large part to the intertwined nature of both wild and domestic animals in human culture, as a food and clothing source, and for entertainment, companionship, medical testing, and more. Animal products are present in cosmetics, furniture, jewelry, and numerous other commercial goods that have been made since the dawn of civilization, and it is the goal of vegans to avoid the use and purchase of all of these things in their day-to-day lifestyle. Even wool is not considered a vegan-friendly material due to practices in the sheep farming industry.

Vegan clothing does not contain any animal ingredients.
Vegan clothing does not contain any animal ingredients.

As the retail clothing trade diversifies, however, to meet the unique interests of many groups, vegan clothes become more widespread. Animal rights organizations often list sources for vegan clothing like a vegan jacket on their websites. Another common term used when searching for vegan clothing is herbivore clothing.

A vegan jacket or herbivore jacket is likely to be made out of materials like organic cotton and hemp, as these are used to produce non-vegan clothing as well. Synthetic plastics made to resemble contemporary materials like cloth, leather, and suede can also be employed to make a vegan jacket, and are commonly a source material for vegan shoes. Other clothing designs also employ recycled materials, which may or may not be vegan depending on their origin.

Just because someone is practicing veganism does not mean that they aren't concerned with being fashionable. Vegan accessories also exist to compliment a wardrobe. These can include anything from handbags to belts, watches, jewelry, and cell phone cases and covers. Coats, hats, and scarves are also commercially available to complement a vegan jacket in simulated leather or cloth styles.

Clothing may be one of the easiest areas in which to practice veganism. In part, this is because clothing can last for many years. Another good reason to shop for clothing such as a vegan jacket is that fashion designers are continually looking at popular trends to expand their creativity. When new materials, colors, and textures become popular, they lead to distinctive clothing lines that many clothing designers begin to emulate.

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