What is a Tent Camper?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Tent campers are collapsible camping trailers that are used for camping in wooded areas, parks, and other areas designated for camping purposes. Sometimes referred to as a pop up trailer, the typical tent camper is lightweight, making it possible to tow the camper with any size vehicle. Along with the metal foundation, the camper trailer sports a canvas or nylon body that can be set up easily in a manner that is not unlike setting up a standard tent.

Tent campers can hold two to four sleeping bags.
Tent campers can hold two to four sleeping bags.

More compact than other examples of campers, the tent camper resembles a rectangular box resting on a set of wheels. Most models are equipped with a divided lid that makes it possible to swing the sections apart from the middle of the top to reveal the canvas body and support system underneath. When closed, the height of the tent camper is usually no more than chest high on the average adult male. With the canvas tent fully expanded and opened, the camper will normally allow plenty of head room for even a tall adult, as well as ample space to accommodate two to four sleeping bags.

There are several advantages to the tent camper. First, the relatively small and lightweight construction of the camper makes it easy to tow the trailer with anything from a pickup truck to a small car. While the unit weighs enough to keep the trailer on the road while traveling, the lack of added bulk and weight keeps the drag from wind and the decrease in gasoline mileage to a minimum. Best of all, the device is much easier to set up than the standard tent, as the camper can be parked on any type of terrain and often requires nothing more than unfolding the body and snapping the underlying frame into position.

One benefit of the tent camper that is often overlooked is the fact that the body is mounted on wheels. Some models of the camper include padding on the floor, making the sleeping space more comfortable. In addition, the fact that the body is raised off the ground means it is slightly more difficult for curious animals to find their way into the tent.

A number of features can be added to the basic tent camper. Some models include mesh windows built into the canvas body, making it possible for the interior of the tent to receive ample natural light. Canvas flaps make it possible to close the windows during rain or at night. The entrance to the tent is typically constructed in a manner that people using wheelchairs can easily move in and out of the camper, assuming a lift is installed on the end of the metal foundation. Many designs make use of double seamed canvas sections that are treated to hold up well in all types of weather.

Prices vary depending on the range of amenities associated with a given make and model of the tent camper. Most dealers who sell various types of campers will also offer this simplistic camping solution, as well as handle the installation of the ball joint needed to attach the camper to the rear bumper of a vehicle. While some models can be somewhat expensive, just about any tent camper will cost less than other types of campers.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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