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What is a Talking Thermometer?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

A talking thermometer is a device that measures and sometimes records temperatures. Talking thermometers often are marketed to those who suffer from visual impairments or blindness, but they also can be used by those who simply prefer to have temperatures announced rather than read. These thermometers can be created to measure body temperatures, to measure the temperature indoors or outdoors and to be used in the kitchen. Their applications are numerous, and many are available alongside their non-talking counterparts.

Features of talking thermometers can vary between models. However, talking thermometers usually have large liquid crystal display (LCD) screens that show temperatures after they've been taken. Some thermometers might have features that help recall previously recorded temperatures. Some thermometers might even allow their owners to choose if they wish to hear temperatures in a male voice or female voice.

Talking thermometers measure and can occasionally record temperatures.
Talking thermometers measure and can occasionally record temperatures.

When one thinks about talking thermometers, what comes to mind usually are thermometers designed to be used on the body. Indeed, talking thermometers can be created to be used orally, under the arm or rectally. Raised buttons can help those with visual impairments operate the device. The thermometers can be quick to yield accurate results.

A talking thermometer also can come as a device meant to be used on meats or in the oven. A barbecue thermometer or cooking thermometer of this sort can help those in need of independent living devices, but it also can come in handy for people who find themselves busy in the kitchen. Employing talking thermometers in the kitchen can help cooks save time and keep tabs on the progress of certain dishes while preparing others.

Similarly, talking thermometers can be used to help determine the temperatures of indoor or outdoor environments. Devices such as these often have a large button on them; when pressed, the talking thermometer will announce the current temperature. Thermometers can be programmed so that temperatures can be announced hourly or at specific times. The volume might be able to be controlled through the device's interface. Some talking thermometers also can double as alarm clocks.

In addition to having numerous practical uses, a talking thermometer can have the unexpected application of helping parents with their children. Using a talking thermometer to take a child's temperature can mean the difference between the little one being fussy or being compliant. When a sick child is already irritable because of an illness, a talking thermometer can help calm down him or her and offer a quick distraction as the child's temperature is being taken.

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My husband loves to grill so I leave him in charge of cooking the meat. One year for his birthday I bought him a talking meat thermometer which he just loves.

Even though he loves grilling and cooking meat, he is often easily distracted and starts doing other things. With the talking thermometer he doesn't have to watch the meat so closely and worry about over or under cooking it.

I was kind of surprised that he has used this thermometer as much as he has. Sometimes when you buy gadgets like this, they just end up stuck in the drawer with everything else and never get used.

As far as this talking thermometer goes, he uses it almost every time he cooks meat.


@andee-- As far as accuracy I have found a talking thermometer to be just as good as any other kind I have used. I have no problems with the way it works, I was just disappointed that it wasn't more of a distraction for my kids.

None of my kids liked to have their temperature taken, and I thought using a talking thermometer would be something that would take their mind off it until it was over.

It didn't seem to matter what kind of thermometer I used, they would wiggle and squirm the whole time. Sometimes I really wondered how accurate the reading was because of that, but not because of the thermometer itself.


I think using a talking ear thermometer is a great idea whether you are visually impaired or not. This is not something I have used personally, but think it wouldn't be a bad thing to have on hand.

I am curious if a talking thermometer is as accurate as a digital thermometer? It doesn't seem as if there would be any reason why it wouldn't be, but I know that one thermometer can sometimes give you a different reading than another one.

Does anyone have any accuracy comparisons from using a talking thermometer vs a digital or regular one?


I always had trouble reading a traditional thermometer, and an even harder time getting the line to go back after taking my temperature. I was glad when they came out with the digital thermometers, as this made reading one so much easier.

Now I have a talking digital thermometer. This will give me a digital reading and also announce what the temperature is. I find that I rely on the announced recording even more than I do looking at the digital reading.

As you age, your eyes change and it can be harder to read small or fine print. That is the biggest reason I like using a talking thermometer. I also found that I didn't have to pay that much more for this extra feature.

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    • Talking thermometers measure and can occasionally record temperatures.
      By: JPC-PROD
      Talking thermometers measure and can occasionally record temperatures.