What is a Step Instructional Video?

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A step instructional video or DVD may refer to step aerobics, which features aerobics moves where people step on and off a platform. The other potential definition for step instructional video is an exercise video that teaches moves or routines in increments. This could refer to many different types of videos, downloads or DVDs for lots of varied exercise kinds, such as pilates, yoga, tai chi, and dance forms of aerobics.

Instructional videos are available for exercise programs like yoga.
Instructional videos are available for exercise programs like yoga.

In the first definition, a single step instructional video may have one or more exercise “classes” that can vary in length. There may be beginner classes for people just getting used to step aerobics and more challenging routines for those who have been working out for a while. It should be noted that many of these videos come with an important warning about checking with doctors before beginning an exercise program. People are inclined to view any exercise video as somehow more innocent if it takes place at home, and this inclination is a good way to overdo it at first and get injured.

A step instructional video typically refers to step aerobics.
A step instructional video typically refers to step aerobics.

Sometimes people may find a step instructional video online, and these are typically shorter than tapes or DVDs that can be purchased in stores or on the Internet. In fact, they may only cover the “how to” aspect of a part of a routine. This blends in to the second definition of step instructional video. If people search they may be able to find enough videos to construct an entire step exercise hour, but they are broken down into steps to make learning each part easier. For those who like to vary how and when they do particular parts of exercise, learning the steps well, may allow people to design their own routines.

With many other exercise types, people can find these same incremental instructional videos online for free. For instance, demonstration of just about every yoga pose is available, and once people learn them, they can decide which poses to do as part of a yoga practice. Learning in this incremental way can take a little more time than exercising to an entire video at once, and if a person doesn’t have a background in physical fitness, they won’t necessarily create routines that blend workouts of all the major muscle groups. On the other hand, this is an inexpensive way to learn new moves and can often encourage people to get healthier through exercise.

Another potential definition of step instruction video is one in which each piece is broken down and demonstrated before a whole exercise routine is pursued. It could take a few days to master each of the pieces prior to trying out the video exercise routine as a whole, but this extra learning may make people feel a little confident when they get started on the full routine. With most exercise videos, it’s pretty easy to get lost the first few times they’re tried, and having had some advanced practice of the steps with attention to how the body should move in each position may help.

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