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What is a Software Salesman?

B. Miller
B. Miller

A software salesman is one who sells computer programs to consumers. There are two types of software salesmen. The first may sell software that he or she developed independently, and is now marketing it to businesses or individual consumers. The second type of software salesman will generally work for a retailer, and will assist customers in selecting different types of software for their individual needs.

A software salesman who works in a large store that sells many varieties of software will need to be knowledgeable and possess excellent customer service skills. Because many customers are unsure of what they want when they are purchasing software, a good salesman will be able to recommend the most appropriate program or programs for them, and explain how to use them. A salesman such as this may also be asked to troubleshoot basic computer problems; for instance, if someone is purchasing antivirus software because they fear something is wrong with their computer, a salesman should be able to help them find the best program to locate and fix the problem.

Software salesmen sell all kinds of computer programs.
Software salesmen sell all kinds of computer programs.

Software salesmen will need to be able to sell all types of software, including computer games, office programs, antivirus and anti-spyware programs, and movie or graphics design programs, among others. Of course, a software salesman will likely have sales quotas to meet as well. These monthly goals will generally be specified by a manager at the store, or by a corporate manager. It is important for a salesman to be able to meet these goals to continue his or her employment; some stores might even offer incentives or commissions based on the number of software programs sold.

To become a software salesman at a store, it is generally only necessary for one to have a high school diploma. Some college credits in technology or business might be a help as well. Unfortunately, jobs as a software salesman are somewhat less common now that software can easily be downloaded or purchased online, often at a lower price than can be found in stores. Many software developers offer demo programs for free as well.

A software salesman selling his or her own software will likely have an easier time if he chooses to offer it online, either at a free or reduced price. Once people try the software and offer suggestions, he will then be able to make improvements to the software. If it becomes popular, a larger company might be interested in purchasing it and marketing it to their users.

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    • Software salesmen sell all kinds of computer programs.
      By: Africa Studio
      Software salesmen sell all kinds of computer programs.