What Is a Skin Towel?

Angela Farrer
Angela Farrer
Colored cotton skin towels.
Colored cotton skin towels.

A skin towel is a specialized towel used for exfoliating dead skin cells from the face and body as part of a regular skin care routine. It can often be helpful for stimulating blood circulation and facilitating the removal of environmental toxins from the skin. While many people use a natural-bristled brush for this type of exfoliation, others prefer to use a skin towel that has a slightly rough texture as an alternative for skin brushing. Just as with a brush, exfoliating with one of these towels is often done on dry rather than wet skin in order to see the maximum benefits.

Most skin towels differ from wash cloths or regular towels. Many of them are made from fibers similar to those found in loofahs or skin-scrubbing sponges. Some of these towels are made from synthetic fibers such as nylon while others are made from natural ones such as hemp. A skin towel may also be less absorbent than some other types of towels since it is not truly intended for drying off after a bath or shower. Many skin towels are sized smaller than regular bath towels but larger than standard hand towels so that users can reach their backs with them during their body brushing routines.

Using a skin towel for dry brushing typically follows the same procedure as with a body brush. Skin care professionals usually recommend that brushing should begin at the outer extremities such as the wrists or ankles and worked inward with firm circular motions. Other instructions for exfoliating with a skin towel mention that it should always be done towards rather than away from the heart. This motion is reported to stimulate healthy blood flow and lymphatic system drainage. Dry brushing the skin is typically done just before showering in order to loosen and clear away dead surface skin cells.

Many people report that the benefits of skin brushing include fewer acne blemishes, reduced cellulite, brighter skin, and even increased physical energy. Some report fewer ailments such as colds due to the body's increased efficiency at eliminating toxic matter that was previously trapped in the skin's layers. It often takes several weeks of consistent body brushing with a skin towel in order to see these positive effects. Just as with other types of exfoliation, dry brushing should normally be done only on skin that is free from rashes or other surface irritations.

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    • Colored cotton skin towels.
      Colored cotton skin towels.