What Is a Severe Macaw?

Cindy Quarters
Cindy Quarters
Grapes and other fruits should be part of the diet of a severe macaw.
Grapes and other fruits should be part of the diet of a severe macaw.

A severe macaw is a medium-sized parrot that originally comes from South America. This bird has a reputation for being playful and friendly, and makes an excellent pet. Due to the fact that these birds typically live 30 years or more, anyone getting a severe macaw as a pet should be prepared to care for it for many, many years. They can also make loud noises, often unexpectedly, and anyone who is not prepared to live with that may not be happy with one of these exotic birds in his or her home.

The average size of a severe macaw is anywhere from 16 to 22 inches (40.6 to 55.9 cm) from head to tail. The main color of the bird is green, but they also have bright patches of red and blue on the underside of their wings. Bare patches of skin surround their eyes, causing many people to feel that these birds have unusually expressive faces.

Housing for a severe macaw is an important consideration, as this bird needs a large cage as its home. It should have a cage approximately 3 feet (1 m) square and 4 feet (1.33 m) high. This allows it enough room to stretch its wings, but macaws also need time out of the cage every single day in order to play.

Diet is very important to the overall health of a severe macaw. Some people choose to feed them only nuts and seeds, but this is not generally considered to provide adequate nutrition. Many breeders recommend a diet that is largely made up of commercial bird pellets made specifically for macaws and other parrots. This should be supplemented with fresh produce such as broccoli, apples, carrots and grapes. Old food should be discarded and replaced with fresh food every day.

Parrots in general are highly intelligent, and the severe macaw is no exception. They typically need plenty of mental stimulation and human interaction. These birds have the ability to become excellent talkers and can learn quite a few words and phrases.

This is a very social bird, and when it has been hand raised and properly introduced to people, a severe macaw is very friendly and enjoys the company of people. Birds that do not get out and around people other than the owner tend to lose their ability to socialize. They may be uncomfortable around anyone other than their immediate family members. It is important to let the bird see other people often in order to keep its friendly, outgoing attitude.

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    • Grapes and other fruits should be part of the diet of a severe macaw.
      By: msk.nina
      Grapes and other fruits should be part of the diet of a severe macaw.