What is a Salt Water Cleanse?

Sara Schmidt

Many different body cleanse products and methods are available for those who wish to perform a colon cleanse at home. A salt water cleans is a type of internal cleanse that involves imbibing salt water in order to flush out the colon. This quick cleanse can be performed easily, and is said to help remove parasites, feces, and other wastes from the body.

Water and salt are the only things needed for a salt water cleanse.
Water and salt are the only things needed for a salt water cleanse.

Like some other colonic cleanses, the salt water cleanse is intended to clean out the entire digestive tract, including the stomach and intestines as well as the colon. Due to its ability to make the body flush out what is inside the tract, this method of detoxification is also known as the salt water flush, or master cleanse. The method is considered a simple and gentle, yet effective, cleanse.

A salt water cleanse may be done to flush the colon of built-up waste and toxins.
A salt water cleanse may be done to flush the colon of built-up waste and toxins.

Laxatives, enemas, and other over-the-counter products are not necessary to perform a salt water cleanse. People who do not wish to spend money to perform a colon cleanse, or who wish to have an organic cleanse rather than one that relies on chemicals, may prefer the salt water method. Only two ingredients, water and salt, are necessary, though some prefer to add lemon juice to taste.

To perform a salt water cleanse, one should skip a meal in order to prepare. For this reason, many cleansers prefer to perform the cleanse in the morning during the weekend. Enough time should be set aside for frequent trips to the bathroom. Two to four hours is the usual amount of time needed.

Pour 32 ounces (one quart) of fresh, lukewarm water. Add two teaspoons (eight grams) of salt and mix thoroughly. Many cleansers prefer to use un-iodized salt or sea salt to avoid possible toxins. The juice of a fresh lemon or lime may be added if desired. Drink the mixture very quickly, then rub the stomach and colon.

While rubbing the stomach and colon, some cleansers crouch on their knees. This is said to help break up wastes from the digestive tract, and aid in their removal. Within half an hour to two hours, the body will need to defecate one or several times. This process, called an internal enema, works through the kidneys allowing the salt solution to pass through the body uninhibited.

Additional salt may be added to the drink mixture if defecation is not induced. The cleanser can also drink more water to help flush out the digestive tract further. Many salt water cleanse proponents advise taking a probiotic supplement following a cleanse to ensure that helpful bacteria remain in the digestive tract. Some also say that to ensure that a salt water cleanse works properly, an enema should first be administered prior to drinking the saltwater solution.

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