What is a Russian Blue?

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A Russian Blue is a rare, medium-sized silver-blue colored cat breed. Unlike most breeds of cats, the Russian Blue occurred naturally. It is thought to have originated in the Archangel Island area of Russia and Russian Blues are sometimes called Archangel Cats. The breed is said to have been brought to England and Northern Europe by sailors in the 1860s. The Russian Blue was introduced in North America in about 1890.

The Russian Blue has silver-tipped fur, a gray nose and mauve or pink paw pads. This breed's body build is fairly muscular, but it is also sleek with a long neck. The ears of a Russian Blue cat are large and pointed. The eyes are usually an emerald green and quite rounded. Russian Blues have a rare double coat. The top coat is short, but dense and the under coat is soft. Brushing the Russian Blue at least a few times a week should help with loose hair, although this breed tends to shed very little.

Russian Blues are said to be very affectionate and develop strong bonds with their human companions. Russian Blues are indoor cats that tend to be quiet, clean and like familiar people and surroundings. They are known for being quite reserved around people until they get to know them. Russian Blues are said to generally get along well with other pets and well-behaved children.

The Russian Blue breed is considered intelligent and playful. Many of them learn to open cupboards and some retrieve toys. Russian Blues are often said to be responsive to the feelings of their human companions and may comfort or clown depending on the situation. Some older Russian Blue cats are said to still play like they were kittens.

Russian Blues are popular show cats because they are rare and beautiful. Yet, since this breed in general tends to be shy around strangers, Russian Blue show cats should be started being exposed to at least a little bit of the cat show life as kittens. The Russian Blue breed is considered a healthy one with no genetic heath problems. Russian Blues do tend to put weight on easily.

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    • Woman posing
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