What Is a QR Code Campaign?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth
Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

A quick response (QR) code campaign is a marketing campaign that focuses on using QR codes to get scans, which may land a business more visitors or sales. Many businesses will make a custom QR code for a QR code campaign that uses images to draw people in. A QR code also can be made to have some text near it, and this is used as a very short pitch to increase the scan potential. After making a QR code, the business running the QR code campaign often seeks to place the code on items that will help bring in the most scans. Metrics normally are used to see how many scans there are versus the amount of buyers or new visitors.

When a QR code is made, it can be designed with a small image. As long as this image does not cover important areas of the code, it can still be scanned. With a QR code campaign, this image commonly is used to intrigue people enough to scan the code. The image generally is related to the business or what the business is advertising.

Another way a business can attract new scans is by placing text near the QR code. QR codes are used in small areas, and people who are more willing to scan QR codes usually do not read long messages, so only a small amount of text may be placed near the codes. This message usually delivers a sales message in just a few words, to clarify what codes do and to entice the person to scan them.

Making a code is one part of a QR code campaign; the other is successfully adding it to a product or area that will best facilitate scans. The code usually is placed on a similar product because, if the consumer is willing to buy the product, then he is most likely interested in what the QR code campaign is selling. For example, if a sports store is running the campaign, then it may place the code on balls, helmets and other sports equipment.

To see if a QR code campaign is a success or a failure, metrics often are applied to catch incoming data. One metric usually is the total amount of scans, and another is either the amount of new visitors or increased sales, depending on the goal of the campaign. Success or failure often is graded by the business and the particular campaign, because there is no clear standard for success with this type of campaign.

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    • Woman holding a disc
      Woman holding a disc