What is a Prenatal Liquid?

Lisa Hernandez

A prenatal liquid is a formulation of vitamins and minerals that a woman can take during pregnancy. It is advisable for a pregnant woman to take a vitamin and mineral supplement during pregnancy to ensure that she has no critical deficiencies because of any lack in her diet. A good prenatal liquid supports the health of not only the mother but also the developing baby. Many women choose to take liquid supplementation over tablets, capsules or chewables, because they find it easier to tolerate. Some women who take a prenatal liquid might have difficulty swallowing pills.

Prenatal liquid is a mixture of vitamins and minerals a woman can take during pregnancy.
Prenatal liquid is a mixture of vitamins and minerals a woman can take during pregnancy.

Research indicates that prenatal liquid is highly absorbable. A supplement in pill form travels through the digestive tract and might not be completely absorbed. Studies also reflect that the body generally absorbs pill supplements at 10-20 percent. Liquid supplementation is estimated to be absorbed at 98 percent. A prenatal liquid bypasses the digestive tract, is absorbed into the bloodstream and is then assimilated into the cells.

Prenatal supplementation is critical during pregnancy for both the mother and the baby. Pregnancy puts greater demands on the woman's body, thus increasing her need for additional nutrients. Additionally, the mother provides nourishment for the the developing baby. It is important for a woman to eat well during pregnancy, but her diet alone might not provide all of the vitamins and minerals that she needs.

There are some prenatal vitamins that require a prescription, but there are many brands that are available without one. Mothers-to-be should discuss prenatal nutrition with their doctors, but they can make the decision regarding which type of supplementation to take. The health of pregnant women and their unborn babies might be dependent upon the quality of the prenatal vitamin that they choose, so it is important for them to choose wisely. Prenatal supplements can vary widely in their ingredients, but there are basic standards for the foundation of a good formulation.

A good prenatal liquid formula will contain more iron, folic acid and calcium than a standard multivitamin. Pregnancy increases a woman's iron requirements, as her blood volume increases to support her unborn baby. Iron also helps to prevent anemia and is crucial to the development of blood and muscle in the mother and baby. Folic acid is essential for the prevention of neural tube defects in the developing baby. Additionally, calcium is an important nutrient required to promote strong bones, and it aids the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems.

Prenatal supplements can also contain herbs that are occasionally recommended to enhance prenatal health, such as red raspberry leaf, chamomile and ginger root. Whole foods, including fruits and vegetables, are included in some prenatal formulas to enhance their nutritional support. Some prenatal liquid supplements include probiotics, which are microorganisms that aid digestion.

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