What is a Portable Grill?

Lauren Romano

A portable grill is a transportable device in which food sits inside of it on thin metal bars and cooks. Due to its intense heat, the thin metal bars will usually make grill marks, or black lines, in the food. Typical foods cooked on the portable grill can include fish, chicken, vegetables and burgers. Depending on the brand and specific grill, some may even work just as well as the larger, more expensive ones.

Grilled polenta made on a portable grill.
Grilled polenta made on a portable grill.

The size of the cooking surface is one of the major factors in choosing a portable grill. If someone has a big family or frequently cooks for many people, he may choose to go with a portable grill that has a larger cooking surface. Some of the smaller grills can only handle cooking a couple of burgers and hot dogs at a time.

Smaller portable grills can be used to cook small batches of foods like hot dogs.
Smaller portable grills can be used to cook small batches of foods like hot dogs.

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Portable grills are available in both charcoal and a gas. Talking to anyone who grills can start a heated debate over whether a gas or charcoal grill is better. Some will argue that using one over the other produces the best quality, best tasting food. There are also electric or pellet options, so chances are there is a portable grill for everyone.

The weight and bulkiness of the portable grill is important. If someone has back problems, he may not be able to lift anything past a certain weight; purchasing a grill past that weight would most likely not work unless he has someone to help him carry it whenever he needs it. The bulk of the grill also plays a factor because, in order to get it from one place to the other, it needs to be able to fit in whatever vehicle it is going in.

Another factor someone may consider when purchasing a portable grill is whether or not it stands up. Some are tabletop while others can sit on the ground and are elevated. Another feature some may consider is whether or not it comes with speakers. This is helpful to keep from having to carry the grill and a radio separately.

Due to the ease of taking it almost anywhere, the portable grill is a popular item for many individuals and families to own. Some take it to the beach, camping and to sporting events for tailgating. Many are light and manageable enough to take almost anywhere.

Grills that use charcoal are usually portable.
Grills that use charcoal are usually portable.

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