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What is a Porch Room?

B. Miller
B. Miller

A porch room is a combination room that is added onto a home, and is a mixture of a porch as well as a more functional, traditional room. A porch room can be as simple as a screened in porch or a more elaborate design with actual walls and flooring. For people who want to enjoy the outdoors or the view from their home all year long, this type of extra room can be a great option and can be fairly inexpensive to create, depending of course on the existing structure and the end goal.

A porch room is extended from the home and may usually be entered from the inside of the home, though many people place a door between the porch and the outside of the home in case the room is not as well insulated as the rest of the home. The one common feature of all porch rooms is a roof. A screened porch may simply be a porch to which screening is added to keep out the bugs; it is then possible to sit out on the porch while it is raining, but unless the home is built in a moderate climate, it will not be possible to use the porch all year round.

A sun porch is a type of porch room.
A sun porch is a type of porch room.

Another, more expensive option when creating a porch room is to add partial walls as well as a finished floor and ceiling, turning the area into much more of a sunroom than a porch. Typically, porch rooms designed like this will feature large windows with screens; the windows may be opened during the warmer months to let the breeze in, but then closed during the cooler months when homeowners may just want to enjoy the view. Of course, creating a porch room that will be used all year is a more extensive project, because the room will need to be properly insulated, and any heating ducts in the rest of the house may need to be extended into the room.

The furniture and lighting used in a porch room will also depend on the style of the room, and whether it is a more finished area or open to the elements. Many people use a porch room as a type of second living room, and may add comfortable chairs and couches. Some will also make a porch room into an additional bedroom for the house, which can be a great way to add space without needing to remodel anything within the house.

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    • A sun porch is a type of porch room.
      By: photlook
      A sun porch is a type of porch room.