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What is a Pilates Circle?

Archana Khambekar
Archana Khambekar

A pilates circle is a simple device that can be used to add resistance to a workout. This circular device is a common accessory in workouts based on Joseph Pilates’ method of exercise. The pilates circle can help tone both, the upper and lower body. It is quite compact, and can be easily integrated into an exercise routine at a fitness facility or at home.

Typically, a pilates circle is a ring like device about 12 to 14 inches in diameter. It may be composed of rubber or flexible metal. The device can provide a degree of resistance to a workout routine. The ring often has handles on either side for the user to grip when exercising. It doesn’t weigh much, can be laid flat and carried along when traveling.

Woman exercising
Woman exercising

This fitness accessory is usually suitable for working out in different positions, and can facilitate strengthening the upper and lower parts of the body. Thus, one could exercise with the pilates circle while standing, sitting, while lying on the back or the stomach. To generate resistance during an exercise routine, pressure may be applied from the outer side or from the inner side of the circle. When performing an upper body workout for instance, one can hold the device by the palms and press the ring from the outside. This can help strengthen the chest, arm, and shoulders.

There are several pilates circle exercises devised for the muscle groups of the lower body. When exercising the legs, the ring may be held between the thighs or ankles, and pressed and released in a controlled manner. This can condition thigh and hip muscles, as well as the pelvic floor and abdominal area.

Pilates studios and fitness clubs often integrate the pilates circle in their mat workout classes so one can use this accessory at such a facility. Alternatively, one could purchase this fitness ring for a home workout. Generally, the pilates circle is quite reasonably priced compared to other pieces of equipment used in the Pilates method. One can find pilates circles in a variety of brands at sports goods outlets. The products tend to vary a little in the material used, design, price, and quality.

One may want to consider a few factors when buying a pilates circle such as how much resistance it provides and its durability. Usually, a rubber device provides lighter resistance while the metallic type offers a user stronger resistance and challenge when exercising. A metallic product might withstand usage better and last longer. A fitness instructor could recommend a pilates ring that’s right for the individual’s exercise routine.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising