What is a Pilates Cadillac?

A. Leverkuhn

The Pilates Cadillac is a specialized piece of Pilates equipment that enables users to tone almost every kind of muscle group in their bodies. This kind of Pilates machine is a kind of Pilates table, and is made for various postures and exercises. The art of Pilates is based on working various muscle groups with challenging poses and other light resistance, and the Pilates Cadillac helps individuals fit more of this into their routines.

Woman exercising
Woman exercising

The Pilates Cadillac is a fully functional trapeze table that has additional features for more detailed Pilates work. A trapeze table is a table or machine that includes a trapeze for hanging parts of the body, and working against gravity. Some experts say the extra features are why Pilates enthusiasts call it a "Cadillac," after the luxury car that has so many appealing features for the road.

In addition to a flat table space for lying poses, a Pilates Cadillac often has spring-loaded attachments that can be strapped to the arms or legs. This way, the user can challenge muscle groups in the limbs from a position on the table. There are also “fuzzy loops” that a user can hang onto for more gravity based exercise. All of this works the wrists and ankles, as well as upper and lower body muscles. Lots of Pilates work can also strengthen the core, which is responsible for spinal support and overall balance, agility and strength.

The Pilates Cadillac includes a metal frame above the surface of the table. Individuals can hang from the trapeze within the metal framework, or hang onto the top bars or other additional bars of the machine to accomplish advanced poses where their bodies may be hanging upside down, as well as lateral poses. The combination of the bed-like table, and the metal framework looks a lot like some kind of hospital bed to many, which has led to the idea that the Pilates table was designed for limited-mobility users such as hospital patients.

Although the Pilates Cadillac is popular as a traditional trapeze table model, other options are available. Some Pilates enthusiasts choose a space-saving Pilates machine called a “Pilates wall unit.” Other table designs that are simpler than the Pilates Cadillac may come with a lower price tag. For those who want one of the most authentic large Pilates machine types, however, the Pilates Cadillac may be the way to go.

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